Vintage Citizen Divers 150m: 68-5372 , 62-6198, 52-0110

It is my pleasure to introduce to you my three vintage Citizen 150m divers: 68-5372 , 62-6198, 52-0110.

Even though they might look similar at the very first sight, they are different models.

vintage citizen divers 150m 4-740131Y , 4-600851Y , 4-820789Y

They are all in excellent condition, the first two are actually NOS, the third one is not, but really well kept. The first one is made in 1971, the second in 1974 and the third in 1978. Read about how to date a Citizen watch here:

Lets start with the similarities: 

All three are divers, rated to a respectable depth of 150m water pressure. They share the same case (4-740131Y , 4-600851Y , 4-820789Y ), with the same screw-in large crown. The bezel is bidirectional friction type. The sides of the cases are polished and the frontal surfaces are brushed in a similar manner. They are 40mm wide with 20mm steel bracelets at the lugs. Thew share the same mineral crystal, concave on the inside, with a flat surface, that magnifies the beautiful black dials. The movements are automatics with 21 jewels. All three display the date at 3 o’clock and have a central sweeping hand with a luminous dot. The hour indexes are applied rectangles, large, and filled with luminous material. The hands are similar in shape (Mercedes type hour hand and spade minute hand).  The three bracelets feature a diver extension link beneath the clasp. So, they are very much alike, but, let’t take a closer look!

vintage citizen divers 150m 68-5372 , 62-6198, 52-0110

The main difference is a small detail that I like a lot: The first one (made in 1971: 68-5372) is marked “parawater”. read more about parawater here: All the other differences emerge, the way I see things, from this small detail (the date of manufacturing). The era of “parawater” was different. The first watch is the only one with a solid bracelet links, the others have folded links. The date window is better placed on the dial due to a different movement size on the ’71 watch. The hour hand and the minute hand are longer. The dot at the end of the second hand in similar to the first two models and I like this a lot. The bezels have different thickness, due to different crystal height.  The thinest being the first one, getting thicker and thicker, translating to an overall watch height difference. The way the crystal fits to the case is very complicated at early models, with steel rings, rubber seals, and a lot of parts. The third one has the crystal fit by pressure ring plastic gasket. The way I see things Citizen tried to simplify production and make it mode profitable, but I like it complicated. Looking at the bezel inserts, the last one has markers on every minute. The middle one features an applied Citizen logo on the dial made from individual letters. The 1978 watch has a black digit date wheel. By contrast the other two have red digits. As a final touch, the printing on the dial is unique to every one of the three.

Citizen vintage diver 150m

The casebacks are similar but with different markings. Removing the caseback we have the chance to see the movements. Three distinct movement, automatics, with 21 jewels. The most striking feature is the fact that the first watch movement is filling nicely the case, being a suited size (this is the reason for the date position on the dial). The later two have smaller movements. At least the middle one has a steel ring around it to fill the useless space. The latest one has a cheaper plastic ring. All three movements have quick date setting, and offer hand winding ability.

year        model        case no         movement

1971       68-5372        4-740131Y        7470

1974       62-6198        4-600851Y      6000 (marked 6001)

1978       52-0110        4-820789Y      8210A

 As a conclusion, I want to say that even though I admire the first one and really appreciate the second one, the third (the only one that is not NOS) is the one I love the most. Nevertheless, I will not disclose the reason why. 🙂 Having one vintage Citizen diver 150m is a joy, having three is a bless.

UPDATE – the second hand I have seen to be either lollipop style with the ball at the end of it or not. For any of these models. I have yet to find catalogue pictures to be 100% sure about it.

read more about vintage Citizen divers here:



63 thoughts on “Vintage Citizen Divers 150m: 68-5372 , 62-6198, 52-0110

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  2. Hi, Im a long time lurker and my first post,
    So I was visiting my parents and was going though a old toolbox and found my Great Uncles watch, he stopped using it in 82 (as Digital was all the rage) and didn’t wear it at all, He passed in 1992 and its been apparently sitting in a tool box ever since, I’m pretty shocked that I found it as I can vividly remember him wearing it, Now He bought it the month I was born (Jan 75) and from the SN I gather it was manufactured in Nov 74 and was the 77th one made that month. Its kinda strange wearing this as it brings back so many fond memories and I want to wear this as my ‘go to’ from now on. (I have dozens of cheap crap chinese watches that look cosmetically good, but wearing this timepiece feels ‘right’) Ok thats the history of it. now for my question!

    I’ve been wearing it for the last few days and have found it keeps PERFECT time, I’m sort of amazed. Now of course after I retrieved the piece last weekend Ive done endless searches for a new glass and bezel and band, But have come up blank. I SO much want to restore this (Ok Id get the bits and pay a proper watchmaker to fit them, of course keeping the originals) But no Repo bezels since 2013, so It looks like I’m out of luck, Its a pity as the face itself is perfect and the mechanism is also perfect, I’ve searched google and ebay and have come up blank.
    Now i’m not wanting to restore this to keep in a stuffy glass case as a ‘collectors piece’, I want to restore it so I can enjoy it on a daily basis and sort of re-connect, which My Uncle who I admired a lot!

    Front with light highlighting scratches


    • Ok I bit the Bullet and bought a new Sapphire Glass and Band, Now looking for a Bezel, yeah I know, I messaged a dozen ebay sellers who had them in the past “All Gone, No more to come”, So thats It Ill never get a ‘new’ bezel, and have spent a entire week emailing hundreds of people, to get to this point, hence my ‘concerns’, Looks like Ill have new glass and new band and no Bezel, Yep I know I need to look at buying another one and using that bezel, But there is none on ebay, well None that I could ever afford!. So yep Just looking for a bezel, for a watch that will be a ‘time machine’ And reconnect me to family past.


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  4. Good evening. I have a citizen diver vintage 150 m manufactured in 1974, in perfect condition, I purchased it in the street in Kuwait City for almost nothing more than 15 years ago, it had a rubber strap, I replaced it with a Citizen stainless steel and after few months, I put the watch in a drawer and forgot it until I found on Internet this document talking about my watch and I suddenly realized it was a vintage collector. Where could I buy the original bracelet please? Thank you for answering and sorry for my poor English, this is not my native language.


  5. Hi, I’ve been reading these interesting stories/comments. I’ve got a nice 52-0110 model, the watch is in great shape but the glass had been replaced and the guy messed up the white plastic retaining ring or gasket. Does somebody know where I can find this piece or eventually a similar one that fits? Thank you. Best Regards from Luxembourg.


  6. Hi Jean-Pierre, thanks for offering your help! Here’s a couple of pictures from the disassembled case, you can quite clearly see the damaged retaining plastic ring:

    The ring has the following measures: diametre: 32mm, height: 1,5mm, thickness: 0,5-0,55mm

    Best Regards


      • Hi Frank I don’t forget you, I’m checking with Citizen workshops and retailers, I must bring my similar Watch to them but the problem is that they are open from 10 AM to 04 PM and closed friday and saturday (weekend) furthermore it’s difficult for me to reach the shops before 04 PM.
        Regards. Jean Pierre Rovere


    • Hi Frank. Please give me your address, I have something for you. The dealer in Kuwait believe this new ring is slightly smaller for your watch, but a professional can easily enlarge it and fit the glass on it. I send you three rings in case of problem. Best regards. Jean Pierre ROVERE


    • Ok Frank send it on my email address, I don’t care, I only want to make you happy with the retaining rings ASAP. Regards. Jean Pierre ROVERE (edited – I sent it forward Bogdan)


  7. GREAT write up! I love these vintage divers! I have a ’75 62-6198 that is missing one end link. Would you by any chance have an extra? 😀


  8. Are there any spare parts available online? for the watch 62-6198 . such as watch face and watch dial..
    thanks in advance!!!


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