Citizen Chronograph “Speedy” 67-9313

Finally, I found the time to write a few words about it, one the most desired vintage Citizen chronograph, the “Speedy”. It is called this way because of the resemblance with the well known Omega Speedmaster. (did you know that there is a Speedmaster limited eddition of 500 with white dial, the “Albino”?) I like it a lot, (not because of the Moon watch)ย and it is one of my favorites, along with the Recordmaster and the octagon Bullhead.

omega speedmaster citizen speedy

This one is also made of stainless steel and has all the DNA of a vintage Citizen chrono.

citizen vintage automatic chronograph speedy 67-9313

The main attraction of this model is the dial and the outside tachymeter scale bezel insert. (it comes with white or black dial) All these features combined make it gorgeous. The case is finished beautifully, polished and brushed for a very nice contrast. The crown (signed CTZ) and the pushers are polished, made of SS too. They are located on the side, in the traditional way, not like most of the Citizen automatic chronographs that are called “Bullheads”, on the top. The case back screws into place and has all the info about it, the model, the material, the serial that gives information about manufacturing date

The movement is the famous in-house calibre 8110A, that I wrote about quite a lot. It is an automatic, running at a high beat of 28,800. It is a fly back movement displaying both the date and the day of the week. It can also be manually wound.

Most of the times when I see this model it is on leather straps, but originally it also came on a bracelet. The one in the picture is not the original type but any straight end 18mm one will do just fine. In fact this watch looks good on almost any strap you throw on it.

UPDATE: Here is the pair, black dial, next to the white dial one. Which one do you like the best?

citizen speedy 67-9313 black white

You can read more about other vintage Citizen chronographs on the dedicated page, HERE.


47 thoughts on “Citizen Chronograph “Speedy” 67-9313

  1. After reading this article I think I would love to own a white dialed “Speedy”
    If you or any contributor has one for sale please contact me.


  2. Hello!
    Iยดm from Brazil and i see a citizen speedy with blue dial. Itยดs correct or a aftermarket?
    Sorry my poor english.


  3. Hi, thank for the great post!
    How hard would it be to replace the dial of the speedy with a single subdial one like the one of the 67-9577?
    Would a 8100 movement fit inside the case of a 67-9313? I know they have a different height, but their width is the same.
    Itโ€™s very hard to find a 67-9313 with a mint dial these days, so Iโ€™d like to look at the possibility to customizeโ€ฆ


      • Thank you so much for you prompt reply.

        I am no watch expert and will definitely use a watch repair service to do it, but I do not want the parts of any 8100A or 8110A to be modified in any way.

        The main challenges I identified are:

        1/ If you put a single dial on top of a 8110a movement, the axis of the top 12h register will stick out, but there is no hole for it in the single register dial: can the axis be removed / reduced without having any part modified (e.g. if the 8110A 12h axis has to be cut to fit with a single register dial I will definitely not ask for this to be done!!!) ?
        2/ Can a 8110A movement from a 67-9038 be compatible with the case that used to hold a 8100A movement like a 67-9577? The depth of the movement is lower for the 8100A movement (the 8100A is 5.82mm deep, whilst the 8110A is 6.72mm), so a 8110A might not fit inside…
        3/ Can the full movement of a 67-9577 be easily fit in a 67-9313 case? This time since the movement of the 67-9577 is less deep than the one of the 67-9313, there might be some “clearance” and the 8100A might move within the case.
        4/ Will the pushers of a 67-9313 case match with the pusher slots on the 8100A when it is fit inside the 67-9313 case?
        5/ Do you know of any professional and trustworthy watch repair service in London or UK that could handle this? (a citizen specialized one would be amazing)

        I would be very grateful if you could share your thoughts on the above potential issues.

        Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


    • Use to have, but sold. Hard to find good condition ones. And, as you learned it already, it is always cheaper to buy more expensive and better quality at first. Nevertheless, I will let you know if I find another one, meanwhile… I only have one NOS Citizen watch for sale: the Adorex.


  4. I had a Citizen “Speedy” case and bracelet with an 67-9038 movevment inside… thaks to this website I could recognize my watch is a mix of two models… May I upload a pic ?


  5. Hello. I am in need of a crystal for a 1968 citizen crystal seven 33 jewel watch, has a 5204 movement it ‘s 30.68 mm ,does that seem about right.


  6. HI, WITH A 1964 Citizen auto Dater Jet 25 jewel watch ,I would like to clean the case,does the crown come out ,pulling it out to the first notch.


  7. Hello and Happy 2021!
    After I got bitten by the vintage Seiko chronos bug and was doing some research, I found out about the Speedy as a more than worthy competitor. Would you be kind to add me to a list if such exist for one, please?
    Best Regards


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