Two or three hands, with or without a date, maybe day too… simple calendar vintage Citizen watches or just a simple elegant design. Some of them important pieces of history, some of them nothing more but plain gorgeous.

Because most of the time… Less is more. 

citizen super ace

For more information follow the links below:

shokoshaThe very first Citizen watch – Shokosha

glorious citizen vintageCitizen Glorious

citizen leopard

Vintage Citizen Leopard hi beat 36000

citizen chronometer officially certified 36000

Citizen Chronometer Officially Certified 36000

Citizen Diamond Flake – world’s thinnest watch

citizen diamond flake date

Diamond Flake, Diamond Flake Date, Flake Date

citizen flake date

Citizen Flake Date

Citizen Super Deluxe  – solid yellow gold

vintage citizen chronometer

Citizen Chronometer

Citizen Chrono Master Superior Chronometer Special

The best Citizen calibres

citizen ace parawaterCitizen Ace Parawater 21J

Citizen Parawater DeluxeCitizen Parawater – The Parawater

citizen super ace

Citizen Super Ace 23 Jewels 40m  



“As simple as that” (The Parawater)

vintage citizen parashock parawater green eagle

Citizen Parawater Parashock Green Eagle

citizen reversion of okinawa

Citizen Memory of Reversion Okinawa

citizen jet parawater professional

First JET movement (1962) – Para Water Professional


Citizen Jet (Super Jet) Auto Dater

citizen super jet auto dater 1

Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater parawater X case

citizen auto dater para water

The last JET movement (1966) – Citizen Auto Dater Seven

citizen center second special ladySpecial Citizen Center Second

citizen center second

First central sweeping seconds – Citizen Center Second

citizen auto 20 jewels phynox

Citizen Auto Phynox – the first automatic movement

citizen shock proof parashock

Citizen (clear caseback) Shock Proof

citizen crystal 7 33

Vintage Citizen Crystal Seven 33 Jewels

Citizen Leopard pocket watch 67-2192

Citizen 36000 automatic Leopard pocket watch  67-2192

citizen seven star deluze seven pocket watch

Citizen Seven Star Deluxe pocket watch

citizen automatic skeleton

Citizen automatic skeleton 

citizen v2 automatic vintage 21 jewels blackie

Citizen Custom V2 Blackie 8200A

Stone and wood Citizen watch

citizen automatic black coated

Citizen Roman numeral, black 

citizen leopard 28800

Citizen Leopard 28800 26 jewels – and about fate 

citizen chrono master date

Citizen Chrono Master Chronometer Date

Citizen Newmaster autodater

Citizen Newmaster – Autodater 21 jewels

citizen jet autodater

Citizen Jet Autodater movement – ring rotor

citizen vintage watch

Great Japan Watch Company 大日本時計株式会社

seiko citizen antique military watch

The Mystery of the First Ever Citizen Wristwatch

citizen shine

Citizen Shine Braille Watch 4-300017TA

Citizen Monthly ACSS52704-YCitizen Seven Star Deluxe Monthly ACSS-52704-Y

vintage citizen classic 63-5537

Classic, elegant, three hands vintage Citizen 63-5537


citizen crystate deluxe

Citizen Crystate Deluxe 22 Jewels

 citizen chronometer officialy certifiedAdam’s Great Story of his Citizen Chronometer

vintage NOS citizen 4-520068 T

The “enigma” – Citizen day-date Crystal Seven 4-520068 T

vintage Citizen ladies watch 64-4838

Vintage ladies Citizen watch 64-4838

citizen ring watch pendant watch bracelet watch vintage gold

Citizen ring watch, pendant watch, bracelet watch

Vintage Citizen case finishing

citizen shine

VIDEO – Citizen Shine

citizen leopard 36000

VIDEO – Citizen 36000 automatic Leopard pocket watch  67-2192



43 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I recently bought, for a bargain price, what looks like a vintage Citizen Seven Star 24J Automatic Day-Date from Japan. Just want to know more about this watch.


  2. Hi there,
    Was looking to get started with vintage watches but not sure if the watch is genuine.
    Would you be able to assist with photos provided?


      • Hi,

        Thanks so much! Attached photos of 2 watches.

        Cheers, Weihua On 7 Jun 2016 4:17 a.m., “Vintage Citizen Watches” wrote:

        > Vintage Citizen Collector commented: “Hi! Welcome to the group! 🙂 Post > some pictures, dial, movement if you can… I will try to help, if > possible. ” >


  3. Hoi Folks, maybe you can help me out here. I inherited my Father’s Watch and i just want to know a bit more about it. Like when was it build, maybe where it was build … that kind of stuff. In terms of money it’s worth nothing, that’s why it seems to be hard to find information.

    i know already it is this one

    But there is no real date or something else. She has the following numbers on the back:

    4-601190 Y (that number brought me here)
    50701729 (in smaller types)
    62-9154 (that was the number that brought me to the named site)

    i would appreciate all the Information i can get 🙂 I always loved the plain and simple look of the watch and it’s all i expect from a watch. a minute off now and theen does not matter to me and it’s my Fathers Watch which i will hold dear and on my wrist.

    thx in Advance, Michael


  4. Hi

    I Boug a vintage Nos Citizen Automatic Day-Date…the front show Japan. Want to know more about this watch.

    Stamp on the back

    4-652517 TA


      • Hello! You can find out details about finding the manufacturing date by using the info here: (it looks like April 1966 is right)
        If you can open it and post a pic of the movement I could give you more data. The movement is an important part in dating it and for other details. Unfortunately it is not a rarity and not a high value, no matter which of the two possibilities of the movement I have in mind is inside of it.


      • Hi, I found the following ‘Waterproof’, ‘M51301’, ‘anti-magnetic’, ‘unbreakable spring’ says it is an export model of the Autodater Seven ADS 51301 with a 25 jewel 410x movement. Export models usually have no model name on the dial. This is pretty rare in export form, is that it has the 410 movement inside. The watch was made in April 1966 and runs perfectly.


  5. A friend gave this watch to me this week and I’m wondering if it is a recent construction of NOS parts. The caseback doesn’t match the dial, or movement, but maybe that’s all that was replaced. I also can’t find much actual information yet about this particular dress/simple watch… although I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it for the last 3 days!

    Bottom of dial text: JAPAN0200 6-162-134 SMO
    Balance bridge marked: 0201
    Link to images:

    Anything interesting I could find out about this piece in particular?
    Thank you!


  6. Can you break this down for me, by chance? So very confusing. 6031- S 30946ZSMS watch front says movt Japan dial taiwan thanks in advance for help, i need it. 🙂


  7. Hello,

    Do you know perhaps where can i find info about a 1971 CITIZEN Seven Star V2 26J Cal.7790? I`m trying to find the history, what the watch offer at that time.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Hello,

    I picked up a Citizen watch from an antique fair and would like to know more about it, I got it as it reminds me of my grandfathers watch. I worked out that the date of manufacture was November 1970/1980 but please could you confirm this. The serial number on the back is 01100314. Also, would you know how I could go about fixing the strap, there is brown staining, could polish get this off or if I was looking to replace the strap would you know where I could find a genuine replacement? Its a fish scale gold band. I have looked online but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!



  9. Can you help identify a watch I found that belonged to my father. Quartz water resistant base metal YP 6100-S14528 SMT 0985776 GN-4W-S any info would be appreciated


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