This site is about Citizen watches, about Vintage Citizen Watches. I am looking at the period before quartz, prior to the plastic fashion watches. That means starting from 1924 (when Citizen was born) all the way up to 1978. and the vintage era ended). Unfortunately not a lot of information is available at the moment, but I will try to put together as many facts as possible so all the vintage Citizen collectors will find the information they need about their model. Maybe my work will help somebody who might start collecting vintage Citizen watches, or somebody who could  find here a piece of information he didn’t have before.

There are many things I love about Citizen. Most of them are made of stainless steel (and they are the main focus of my collection), with simple, functional, relatively easy to service and repair movement. I love the design and their diversity ranging from column wheel fly-back chronographs, divers, world time, alarm, to simple, elegant three hands watches. The price also fluctuates a lot from a few bucks to… well, more than a vintage Rolex. 🙂 So it makes no difference how much money you have, for sure you will find a lot of pleasure inside the beautiful Vintage Citizen Watches world. Enjoy the journey!


Of course there is a Facebook  page, connected to this site, and I am proud to say that the online community is growing on a daily basis. Thank you for all the implication!

Add yourself and your friends and let’s share our passion for Vintage Citizen Watches to the THIS LINK. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or add any information you have, videos, photos so we can put together  the Vintage Citizen Watches collection we all love.

Citizen guy


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve a citizen 8110 panda bullhead and the flyback and reset are not working as should.
    Chronograph and watch (time and date) are working just fine.
    Can you give me advise on repair place to contact?
    Prefered locations to deal in person: Norway, Czech Republic or Portugal.

    Thanks and keep the great work and share the passion.


  2. Hi,

    Thank you for a great website! I have got the Citizen bug after serving a few for a good client! I now have a box full of nice projects waiting for a service.

    Best regards,



  3. Watch Brand: Citizen

    What is the issue?: Greetings,

    I have a Citizen Navistar Alarmchrono WR 100, serial 430033, c402-002080 GN-4-S vintage 1970’s. The watch part works great keeps good time and all is OK, however the LCD setting push pin (see image) no longer allow for me to reset the LCD items. My local watch maker said a set pin was broken and would need to be made or replaced, thus I sent it to Citizen in CA in Oct only to find they had no parts. Thus, the X on the case. I have had this watch for about 40 years and would consider fixing if possible. I have enclosed images that may assist in your estimate. All other functions of the watch work to factory specs. Why fix it? History reasons!


    Where can I send it? PLEASE – or give me a call.


  4. Hello! Im an amateur collector of watches (collect and wear). Just wondering which citizen lines are considered their premiums, in finish and in the movement.. I have 2 leopards, an 8 and a 10 superbeat. are they considered premium in fit and finish and movement?


  5. Hello,

    Awesome site you have! I’ve been collecting watches for many years, but honestly (don’t hate me) I’m mostly into vintage Tudor and Omega. That said, I’ve always had a fascination with moon phase watches since my first Citizen as a kid in the late 80s: an “Astro Fantasy Moon Sign”, I believe reference or movement number at least is 2870. Sorry I know very little on Citizen numbering or nomenclature.

    Anyway since then I’ve gotten many moon watches from all brands low to high end, but my original Quartz Citizen remains a favourite.

    I’ve been trying to find a servicing manual or at least movement schematic out there but had no luck. Are such manuals online? I know this model was extremely popular but I can’t even find the stem detent to uncase the movement for servicing and am afraid to damage it. It’s a long shot I know, but any chance you’re familiar with this model/movement or know of an info source?


    • Hello! Sorry I can’t help you with this, I am only into mechanical Vintage Citizen Watches. If you start looking into this in the future I will be more than happy to help with anything I can. 😉 (Omega & Tudor are not bad either LOL)


  6. Hi CitizenGuy, I am a collector too, form Argentina, dedicated to LCD from earlies 70s, having more than 100. I am going to Tokyo at last!! Can you tell me about the museum, where is it? Thanks very much. Fabian. fvkesler@gmail.com


  7. Hi.

    I would like to post a picture from your website (a Citizen 68-0516) for Wathcprosite.com.
    I will give you credit on the photograph.

    Please, tell me what you think.

    Regards, Simon


  8. Hi man. Thanks for your response. Finally, and luckily, I received a response from Citizen people and could go there! It was an amazing experience, a could have a guidef visit with Mr.Kawato, have pictures and videos and really have an incredible time. As soon as I could I will up some material as I talked with them and of course I will tell you. Thanks again.


  9. Hi there, it’s Alessandro from Italy. I luckily own and wear often a stunning 52-0110 vintage diver, but I miss its original ssteel bracelet: do you know where I could source one of them? Feel free to contact me at bardamu@libero.it, any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks for this wonderful website! Cheers


  10. I have a ‘Citizen Quartz CRYSTRON WATER 600M RESIST’ on the face.
    JAPAN 8620-861423-Y
    Any idea of its value please?




  11. I collect vintage gold watches. Today I picked up a nice Citizen with a !8kt gold case and watchband. However, I have not been able to find any info about this watch online. Could you please direct me to where I could find some more information about the beautiful watch. Thank you!


  12. Hi!

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    If this interests you, please send us a message and we are more than willing to answer your queries.

    Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon!


    Anna Hansen
    Junior Project Manager


  13. Good day. I chanced upon a funky citizen watch with a yellow dial with an unusual wing logo. It’s not the usual Eagle 7 logo we commonly see today. I am hoping someone could help me with any information about it. I can send pictures. Thanks in advance.


  14. Hi there, I bumped into a vintage Citizen from the 70s on which I can’t find anything: it’s a cushion case model with an original (or at least the seller claims it being original) rally bracelet; references on the caseback are 67 5571, 4-7210981, automatic, parawater, serial 01200039 (december 1970, I suppose). Can you provide some news about it? I have some pics, where can I post them? Thanks a lot, cheers Alessandro


  15. I have a watch that I bought in Japan around 1973. Day/Date is in English/Japanese. Chronograph. 23 Jewel. Anyhow, it was damaged and I cannot find anyone who can fix it. I sent it to Citizen and they said they don’t have the parts to repair it. My mother sent the watch through the dryer. I know, my fault. Help? Please? I don’t think it is really valuable, except to me.


  16. Hello, I am trying to track down info on my first watch. Can you recommend any links please? I reached out to Citizen, but they couldn’t help. Below is the info on it. Thanks.

    citizen -$110

    made in 1984

    32-7085-10-model #

    3220-288343KT-on the reverse

    SN# 40500832

    no photo


  17. Hi, I have two very rare Citizens for sale (vintage of course – I think you won´t ever get them again). Is there a way to send you an email ?


  18. Hi, I’m looking for the crystal part number 54-xxxx for my Crystal Seven ACSS 2932-Y. Could you help me, how can I figure out the part number? Thanks!


  19. Aloha, I live in the US, am looking for a competent person to recondition and adjust a 1983 Citizen Eagle 7 automatic. It’s a birthyear watch that will be a gift for my son. It is running, but I wanted it serviced before I gift it to him Citizen USA factory in CA says they don’t have parts and will not service it. Any ideas who I could go to?


  20. Hi
    Do you know what kind of bracelet that was on the 52-0110 modell, 1978. Know its called a H-link but do they have some kind of ref nr? And did citizen use the same bracelet on other models in this time periode? Thanks


  21. Hi again Citizen Guy, listen, just a quick query here: i am looking for the best automatic movement that Citizen’s ever put in a diver, both past and present.
    Any help here?
    You may reach me directly at gialasca at libero dot it


  22. Hi again citizen guy. I got my hands on a citizen alarm date from 69, and I love it, 63-7076, and 6-310176-Y on the dial. Red date wheel. Its a beauti, but I have a smal crack in the crystal domed acrylic with a date magnifier. So couple of questions: I have seen both black and red date wheel, did they use both original from fabric? And I see that its possible to buy NOS parts on ebay to vintage citizen, but do you have the part nr for the crystal domed acrylic with a date magnifier? best regards from citizen enthusiast from Norway


  23. Hello, I have been reading your blog for citizen watches. I am all new to Citizen watches. I just purchased this cheap Citizen watch from India via ebay – https://www.ebay.com/itm/194393023480

    I know India is known for franken watches and fake watches, and I suspect my purchase to be fake, but can you clarify? Thanks.

    Kind regards – Philip


  24. Hello, I’ve just come across your site and wow, I didn’t know there were so many people into these watches and I come across quite a few and usually discard them as I deal in vintage costume jewellery and dont know very much about watches. I was just seeking some advice on the little teardrop pendant watch you have in your pic on your home page as I have come into possession of one, numbered etc on the back, it doesnt seem to work and I’m thinking of taking it into a jewellers for them to repair. Is it worth my while getting it repaired, also is it mechanical and the year of manufacture, what price I could sell it for? If you could answer my questions, that would be great. Many thanks!


  25. Hi, thanks for all the information.

    Would you care to take a look at the following links for a general assessment? photos are supposed to be of Citizens 2810 and 2030. Pretty old, but I can’t find anything similar, so wonder if they are authentic.



    Thanks again!


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