This site is about Citizen watches, about Vintage Citizen Watches. I am looking at the period before quartz, prior to the plastic fashion watches. That means starting from 1924 (when Citizen was born) all the way up to 1978. and the vintage era ended). Unfortunately not a lot of information is available at the moment, but I will try to put together as many facts as possible so all the vintage Citizen collectors will find the information they need about their model. Maybe my work will help somebody who might start collecting vintage Citizen watches, or somebody who could  find here a piece of information he didn’t have before.

There are many things I love about Citizen. Most of them are made of stainless steel (and they are the main focus of my collection), with simple, functional, relatively easy to service and repair movement. I love the design and their diversity ranging from column wheel fly-back chronographs, divers, world time, alarm, to simple, elegant three hands watches. The price also fluctuates a lot from a few bucks to… well, more than a vintage Rolex. 🙂 So it makes no difference how much money you have, for sure you will find a lot of pleasure inside the beautiful Vintage Citizen Watches world. Enjoy the journey!


Of course there is a Facebook  page, connected to this site, and I am proud to say that the online community is growing on a daily basis. Thank you for all the implication!

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or add any information you have, videos, photos so we can put together  the Vintage Citizen Watches collection we all love.

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve got an old Citizen that once belonged to my grandfather; haven’t had much success identifying the model or year of manufacture, and would appreciate your help. Can I email you some photos? I do not have Facebook.


    • Hi Lee! The best option would be for you to upload the pics on a hosting site (like tinypic.com or any other) and attach the links here. This way, others can see your pics and maybe someone might help you, in case I dont have all the answers you are looking for. Whay do you say?


  2. I have several vintage citizens, widely sold on ebay, small in size, with 6650a and 6651a movments – they are quite accurate…when they run. Both have similar problem – once they stop, after perhaps only 5-7 hours of being used during a day, they are quite difficult to start. both have pull out crowns with day date function, when pulled and adjusted, seem to result in problems. Not sure if these movements can be manually wound initially – the movements are extrmely clean, aslmost as if washed. The price to service obviously would be cost prohibitive. Thus, I am prepared to attempt oiling and have opted to use DeoxIT X10s but dont know wear to begin. For example, should the crowns be so diffiuclt to turn that you almost need a pliers? Your thoughts, and/or readers, would be most welcome as these watches are small and of excellent quality. Best regards


  3. Hello,
    Is it possible to build a 44-0019 crystron quartz movement into a 51-2273 casing.
    I’ve got them bot and i like the case from the 51-2273 more then the 44-0019 casing.
    On the other hand i find the crystron movement and the dial with the bars nicer as the
    automatic one,keeps better time to.
    greetings from holland


    • I doubt the fact that, if by any means possible, this is a realistic easy option. You should get a good watchmaker because it is not an easy direct movement swap so some case modification for sure is going to be needed. If you do it, I would love to see the end result. Just get a good watchmaker and if there is a will, there will be a way. 😉


  4. Thanks
    If it’s possible,and i can get it done,i’ll send the pictures.
    A new model 51-0019 or something.
    greetings from holland


  5. Hi
    Just got a vintage automatic Citizen watch with 21 jewels, day and date display.
    How do you adjust the time, rotating the crown wheel 1 way changes the day, rotate it the other way the date changes. The hands however don’t move.
    Currently displaying 9 o’clock and all working nicely

    Thanks Phil

    Ps yes I am part of Citizen Holdings


  6. I have inherited from by father in law, who is of Japanese ascent and was in Japan somewhere in the 1970s or 80s, a Citizen Pocket Watch, 21 jewels, Para Shock Phynox. Google found absolutely nothing on it. Do you have a clue on it? A local broker of watches told me it is very rare, even if not valueable in itself.


  7. Hello!
    I hope not disturbing you with my question but you seem very knowledgeable on the subject.
    I have acquired a watch recently that is identical to this model: [http://www.ebay.fr/itm/ANTIQUE-VINTAGE-GOLD-PLATED-ALARM-DATE-CITIZEN-WRISTWATCH-21-JEWELS-/321842304043?hash=item4aef4bd42b]
    Except for these details:
    -It has not written “CitizenAlarmDate” on the watch face but “KyotoAlarmDate”
    -It has the letters “CTZ” on the side buttons

    Is my watch a genuine Citizen? Can you explain these differences?
    Thank you very much



  8. Hello!
    My grandmother gave me this watch yesterday. It originally belonged to my grandfather, who offered it to his cousin. About 50 years later, after his death, the watch was returned to my grandmother.
    My grandad died very young and almost all his possesions were lost with the civil war in Mozambique, so this is pretty much the only thing I have that was his.
    I’ve been trying to find some information on google, but did not succed…in fact, from what i’ve seen, i’m beginnig to doubt if this is actually a 50 year old watch…
    Is there any way you could give some clues about this watch? Like if it is a real Citizen, or the actual year of manufacturing.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Guilherme V.




  9. I put a post on the WatchUSeek website trying to ID an older Citizen Chrono Alarm. It’s newer than your specialty area, but maybe you can still help me out. Here’s the text of the original post:

    I’ve got a tricky one for you.
    I’d like to figure out what model of Citizen chronograph I used to own… the problem is I don’t have it anymore and don’t have any pics.
    So I’ll describe it as best I can and hopefully someone here will know.

    Watch was purchased in an AD between 22 and 24 years ago for between $300 and $400 dollars.
    All gold colored, face, case, and strap.
    3 subdials @ 12, 9, and 6 o’clock.
    I can’t remember what one of them was but the other 2 were a function selector (at 6 I think) and a sub one second counter for the chrono function.
    I think it had 2 pushers plus the crown. One changed the hand in the function selector subdial which I think had 6 positions.
    I don’t remember all the functions but I think it had 2 time zones, the chrono, and maybe an alarm.
    I know that the main hands moved around a lot when switching functions.

    Sadly I was young and stupid when I had it. The battery died and I waited several years to get it changed. When I took it to have the battery replaced I was told that it had leaked all over the movement and ruined it.

    I hope someone can help me with this as I’d really like to track down another one if they’re not outrageous.

    And a link if you want to see a pic that I found that looks similar to my watch.



  10. Hello-

    I acquired this Citizen Alarm Diver watch, model is 63-7076. Is this model uncommon?




  11. [URL=http://s2.photobucket.com/user/jkarambela/media/20151213_123355_zpssgc8tcrl.jpg.html][IMG]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y21/jkarambela/20151213_123355_zpssgc8tcrl.jpg[/IMG][/URL]


  12. On your site there is a mention that Citrizen never used radioactive material. I have been offered a Citizen Vintage Automatic and the seller says that it has ‘the original radium dial’. In photos the dial has a yellowish tinge and there is a photo in ther dark showing a green face. Can it be genuine? The seller is in India and I wondered whether radium dials had been sold there. Many thanks for your site which is great.


  13. Hej,
    I have a Citizen Seven Star Deluxe from 1966. Unfortunately it is not in a very good shape, I need at least a new glas and new crowns, to be able to repair it. Do you know where I can find and buy spare parts?
    Thank you!


  14. I inherited this watch and would like to keep it (sentimental value and all that). The watch wasn’t working, so I took it in for repair. The watchmaker replaced the battery and told me to hope for the best. Apparently, it is not just a discontinued model, but one of those rare “in-between series”, transitional ones.

    It worked for about two days, but the watchmaker was right, because it stopped again. I took it back to see if something could be done about it, but apparently, short of changing the movement, there is nothing that can be done.

    I’ve been trying to identify the model (thank you for the useful guide). The serial number starts with 1, and it says “water resistant”. Does that mean it was made in 1981?

    And is there any chance of finding spare parts or should I give up?


  15. Hi,
    Please could you help me with a problem?
    Many years ago, when I was in high school (around 1988), I had a Citizen clock. The kind we place on a table. It had been in my house for quite a few years even at that time. It probably belonged to the seventies or even sixties. Or even before. I am not sure. It had an oval face, with an illuminating dial, and it was driven by one medium sized battery. There was an alarm- a simple bell struck by a hammer driven by a motor.(I am giving these details because some of you can recognize it). It was not in working condition ever since I could remember.
    Now the problem. I was a small, reckless high school kid, and I had a bit of curiosity about these instruments. What I did was, I opened it and began to inspect it. I took all the parts apart. They were old and useless, after all.
    Then after a few years somehow a fear entered my mind. I already told you that the dial and hands were illuminating. I touched them with my hands, put them in my pockets, in the cupboard, did everything with them. What if the illuminating material the hands and dial were painted with was harmful? I remember holding them in bed to see it glowing in the dark. I have heard about radium and such substances being used in watches and time pieces. Can it be something like that?
    I sought help from many watch forums on the net, but none could give me any real help. Nobody knew for sure. I contacted Citizen USA, but they said they couldn’t help without a serial number, which I couldn’t give them. Same with Citizen Japan.
    As I said, it worked on a single, medium-sized battery. There is a circuitry inside (on a PCB, with a transistor and a capacitor) connected to a coil; nearby there is a wheel with two tiny magnets on it. There is a spring connected to this wheel. When battery is inserted the coil is magnetized and pulls the wheel towards it but it is pulled back by the spring. So it oscillates. Two tiny pegs on this wheel turn a cogwheel, thus setting the whole machine in motion. The alarm consists of a bell struck by a hammer which is run by a motor.
    The timepiece had an oval face. You can remove the parts only by first removing the cover on the face (not the back). You then remove the hands, take out the dial, and then you can see just one screw which you can remove to get everything out. The timepiece was made in Japan.
    I have given all these details in the hope that you may be able to recognize it.
    I do not know how to explain the tension and stress I have suffered because of this. For the last several years I have been worried about this. This is the only reason I now turn to you. Please help me with your valuable advice. Is there any reason for concern? What might Citizen have used on their dials? What material was it? Was it harmful? Besides, can someone recognise this model? just when didi Citizen start making such electronic clocks? Your help is greatly appreciated.


    • Hello Winston and welcome to the blog!
      Unfortunately Citizen produced millions of watches with a lot of designs. They don’t have an archive of the watches they made so I doubt the fact that they could help. Me, on the other hand I try to gather as much information on vintage Citizen wristwatches and especially mechanicals. So… I wish I could help you but the watch you are talking about is not in my area of interest. I do hope you will find what you are looking for. Don’t lose faith!

      BUT… what I can tell you is that there is no reason to be worried because Citizen never used Tritium. 🙂 Read this: https://vintagecitizenwatches.com/2015/10/10/vintage-citizen-watches-lume-patina/

      SO… Don’t worry! 🙂 You can search more info and more precise info in fact, but meanwhile… no worries! 😉



  16. hi
    i gave my husband a model ag6xxx and he passed away, and I gave it to my son, who loves watches. It stopped working and citizen doesn’t have the parts to fix it. What do you suggest?
    Thank you


  17. Hi Bogdan,
    I recently saw a Citizen watch for sale at an antique shop. The seller also do not have any information about the watch but only can guaranteed the watch is authentic. I snapped photos and try to do some research on the watch however I can’t manage to find any information about it and also no exact design found. I would appreciate if you can assist to provide information such as whether this watch is rare, authentic, estimated market value, year made and any other valuable information related to it. I just need more information in order to convince myself to pull the trigger. Hope you can help. Below are the photos of the watch.




  18. I know you don’t care for the quartz models, but I need help in restoring a dive watch I purchased in Okinawa Japan in 1981. Its a Vega 100m. It is identical to a citizen that I’ve seen. I mean identical. Mine has a orange/yellow dial. The only name on it is Vega. Can anyone help me find a new crystal, and the outer ring that turns. Can’t remember the name of that part. I want to find the parts, so I can get someone to fix it. This watch is the only thing I have left from those days. PLEASE can you or anyone help me? The watch looks like the 150, but the crown is at the 3 o’clock position.


  19. Hi Bogdan,

    I am interested in possibly purchasing one of your watches, but I do not use Facebook. Could you please contact me so that we can discuss the matter privately?

    Thank you.


    Tony C.


  20. Dear Bogdan, I’ve studied your article here https://vintagecitizenwatches.com/tag/68-5372/, but still I have one question. Can you say a word about compatibility of the bracelets between these models, between 68-5372 and 51-0110 before all. I have one 68-5372 Parawater made in Sept.1972 (apparently one of the very last bearing that name). I want to get the bracelet for it and I have one offer for the bracelet fitting 51-0110. So I kindly ask you to confirm (after trying or you maybe know immediately) if 68-5372 and 51-0110 have the same lugs configuration. Generally speaking, do you know other models having the same lugs depth and case curvature to accept bracelet for 51-0110? Maybe 67-5776 can also accept this bracelet? Thank you for your commitment!


  21. Hi Bogdan my names Tracy I’m contactin u on behalf of a friend, c he has an original 1978 CITIZEN WATCH (4 – 820789 Y) & is wantin 2 sell it, would u or would u know any1 that might b interested ?? or where else he could go & is there any advice while he’s tryin 2 sell it ??.
    We look 4ward 2 ur reply.Please & Thanks.
    P.S. Sorry but I will b tryin 2 contact u every way possible, in hope 4 a quick as possible reply. 🙂


  22. Hi there,

    I’m currently interested in buying this watch from a selller here in Vietnam: https://imgur.com/gallery/uTeKZ

    However, I’m not sure whether it’s worth the price he is asking which is about 150usd.

    Can you tell me more about this watch , whether it is authentic and also how reliable and easy to do maintenance for it?

    Thanks alot!

    P/s: I submit my request to join the Facebook group but haven’t got accepted yet. Thanks!


  23. I have 1968 CITIZEN SEVEN STAR AP55-2812-Y watch that I acquired while purchasing a group of vintage SEIKOs. I’m in love with this watch. I need a crystal and two crowns to restore this watch. Does anyone know the parts numbers or where to source?


  24. Bonjour, je travaille pour un magazine français qui prépare un Hors série spécial montres de collection et je suis à la recherche de quelques modèles de Citizen en photo, pourriez-vous m’aider ? Parashok, Parawater and X-8. Nous avons besoin d’une définition correcte pour l’impression papier car ce n’est pas du web. D’avance merci ! Julien.
    Hi, i’am working for a french magazine and preparing un special number about collector watches. I need some good quality picture about Citizen watches : Parashock, Parawater and X-8. Could you help us ? Best regards, Julien.


  25. Hi Bogdan.
    Recently I bought an old citizen watch (4-281080 kt, 011012 70, gn-6w-s, 71-2591). It has a black dial with plastic clear dome. I took it to a repairman who told that it is fake. I would like to ask you whether my watch is a fake .I would like to keep the watch, can I replace the movement with a 8205 miyota movement I bought in eBay? I would like to replace the horrible plastic glass for a sapphire, which glass size should I get?


  26. Hey,
    can anyone tell me what Citizen 60’s B52806 divers watch is worth today. In original condition, no damages or anything. My dad bought is in 60’S and we like to know is it worth something in these days. In 60’s it was quite a lot money 🙂


      • Hi,
        got your mail and replied, let’s continue on that side 🙂 Yes it has alot of history and that thing was my nb.1 toy when i was young boy + regulators and scuba bottles, they had serious potential for ultimate toy for less that 10 year old boy 😀


  27. Pingback: Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater Para Water SADS 51202-Y – Chronographes

  28. Hi,
    I bought a watch as a gift for my fiance, can you tell me something about this watch ?? Is the watch a fake? I started to worry about it when I read in internet that many watches are a fake.

    Citizen Watch CO.
    Water Resist

    Witch the gold color of the watch face, with date, 21 jewels.
    Thank you in advance for your help.


  29. I’m trying to find out more about this watch

    It belonged to my dad, and I’m thinking of getting it restored. Any help would be very much appreciated.


  30. Would you have any information about the Citizen watch pictured below?

    Front: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cB8Aw1NMdBAAG83X-TwbVUPEJB3ohHHT/view?usp=sharing
    Back: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ziZLZOQGWWNM19PulF_v6WZYV4ERZG2t/view?usp=sharing

    I recently purchased it on Ebay as i was looking for a Citizen 7 Eagle and this was the first one that I found that I liked. I have looked on-line but can find absolutely no information about this model.

    Unfortunately, the 11 O’Clock marker has just fallen off and before I spend the money to get it fixed, I wanted to check out if this was a watch worth fixing.

    I would appreciate any information. Thanks


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