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This page will be a collection of information and data about vintage Citizen watches. When was it made, the history, movements, links…  Everything from buying, collecting and restoring these watches.

For more information follow the links below:

An inside view of Citizen Watch Co, seen by VCW



Citizen 100th anniversary – Baselworld 2018



Vintage Watches collecting guide



Choosing the perfect VCW for 2018 Baselworld



VCW Facebook Group 10.000 Contest – May 2017



dating a citizen watch

How to date a vintage Citizen watch? When was it made? 




The fabulous story of Seppo and his B52806 Citizen diver



citizen parts crystal bezel crown for repair and restoration

Where to find original parts for your vintage Citizen watch?



Vintage Citizen Crowns 



citizen vintage watch

Citizen “Better Starts Now” – VIDEO 




vintage citizen watches

1952  – Awesome Citizen VIDEO



vintage citizen oil kit service

Citizen (service) Oil Kit 



Citizen Bullhead fake aftermarket dial

How to spot a Fake (aftermarket) dial for Citizen Chronograph



vintage citizen diver lume

Vintage Citizen Lume Patina




Yellow – Orange dial accents patina



Vintage Citizen case finishing



blackie Citizen vintage watches

Citizen Blackie (coated) scratch test



vintage citizen diver bezel 150m original fake

Citizen 150m diver bezel (original vs fake)




Citizen chronograph automatic

1974 Citizen Automatic Chronograph Print




The holly grail watch

 The Holly Grail Watch



shokoshaCitizen History from 1924 



citizen leopard

Citizen movement table




shokosha citizenThe first Citizen pocket watch – Shokosha



citizen vintage watch

Great Japan Watch Company 大日本時計株式会社




Citizen Parawater Deluxe

The first Japanese water resistant watch – The Parawater



citizen 150m automatic diver

Citizen diver found in the Ocean on an Australian beach 



parawater citizen

Citizen Parashock – Citizen Parawater



quartz crisis Citizen divers

Citizen diving watches prints – quartz battle



vintage citizen diving tropic strap

Vintage Citizen diving Tropic straps



citizen chronomaster box

Citizen ChronoMaster Box



citizen facebook

V.C.W. Facebook group page



19 thoughts on “X files VCW DATA

  1. Hi, I recently obtained a Citizen watch and am very curious about its vintage and worth.
    The numbers on the back are:
    The dial is olive green. It has three hands and a date window. It is very clean – has no scratches on the crystal.
    The writing is “Citizen” at nine o’clock and “water resistant” and “21 jewels” below at 3 o’clock.
    Please can you ell me anything about it.


    • Hello and welcome to my blog! Your watch was made in June 1974. It is a nice watch but not one of the best watches for collectors so the value is not very high. I don’t make evaluations so I can not help you with this matter. The movement is manual winding, stainless steel case with acrylic crystal. I hope my information were useful and I will answer any time you ask a question. 🙂


      • Hi, Thank you for your prompt reply. That is very useful info. I am in South Africa and have set it going and it has kept very good time. I bought it from a second hand store where it had been marked down by half. South Africans love those flashy electronic watches and do not value old fashioned watches. I, personally, love them and buy them whenever I can.


  2. Hello! I found a Citizen Watch but the markings on the back are not visible anymore, thought it has something written inside the back which is :
    Japan Citizen Twenty-one 21 jewels
    8200 Water resistant 100 and there are japanese symbols for the day (example monday)


  3. Hello,
    I have just re-commissioned my Citizen Ana Digi (legends on back…4-08234 TA 41-8510….GN-4W-U) and the analogue part works as does the digital time. Pressing the top button illuminates the digital display but date, chime, alarm, stop watch and timer don’t work. The digital display on the seconds function is partial. Please can you tell me if I can get the watch repaired and where? Thanks in advance.

    Robin March


    • Hello Robin! I have no idea if you can get the watch repaired because I don’t know what is the problem. You should try finding a good watchmaker with experience in quartz watches and take it to him for an inspection. Only after inspecting the watch the problem could be evaluated and a solution, if any, found.


  4. Help would be greatly appreciated…
    imprint on the back (word for word)

    8200-078101 M

    On the watch/clock itself there is a very tiny imprint on the bottom…it reads…
    JAPAN MOVT-P-8200-M09440-KA

    Get to me whenever possible, much love.


  5. Hello, I came across your website and I find it very interesting 🙂
    I have a Citizen watch collection, a total of 10 watches. I would like to revise one of them.
    However, I find no information or spare parts about the watches I have.

    One of them would be:
    Citizen 61-9477

    Citizen 72-6010
    for this I need a glass and gladly technical information

    Citizen 62-5159

    for this watch I need the setting shaft and the crown (CTZ)

    We are also happy to write privately.

    Thank you for your great website 🙂 And greetings from Germany



  6. Hello
    I have a Citizen, I don’t think it was expensive.
    It has a very special meaning.
    I had a very beautiful black and white strap that no longer exists but I want to make one.
    Would you have a picture of what the watch looked like?
    The back numbers are
    Citizen Watch CO
    Base Metal BP
    2931-292774 TA
    Japan 6


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