Manual and automatic vintage Citizen chronographs.

Citizen had three gorgeous chronograph movements. All three are fly back. One of them is hand winding and two are automatics developed on the same base model. Citizen calibre 5702 has  21 jewels. It beats at 18,000bph. It is the first chronograph and the only hand winding chronograph movement that Citizen produced starting from 1967 up to around 1972.

  1. There is also an automatic one with a two variations: 8100A – has only a minute totalizer.
  2. The 8110A is basically the same as 8100A but has an hour totalizer too.

The first (in the entire world) automatic chronographs are these:  The Zenith El Primero (1969), the Seiko 6139 (1969), the Heuer/Hamilton-Buren/Breitling/Dubois-Depraz caliber 11 (which was a Dubois-Depraz 8510 chronograph module on a Buren 1281 tractor, 1969), the Lemania (1970), the Citizen 8100 fly back (1972), and the Valjoux 7750 (1974).

vintage citizen chronograps

Both Citizen automatic variations have 23 jewels with hand winding capability. They were produced by Citizen starting from 1972. They are a vertical clutch chronograph (beating at 28.800 bph) with column wheel and fly back function. They have a day and date indicator. The fly back function means that you can reset the chronograph while in motion and it will start again without needing to go the entire process of pressing stop-reset-start. So, one push can do all of this. Of course that if you want to stop it you can go the classic stop-reset way. A particularity for this movement is that when you want to change the day you should pull the crown to second position (for changing the date) and push and release the reset (1 o’clock) button. It is 27 mm wide and 6.9mm high. The column wheel/vertical clutch design of the movement advices to leave the chronograph running for most of the time (this way you can also see the beautiful sweeping central second hand in movement), but from time to time it should be stopped.

For more information follow the links below:

vintage citizen chronograph challenge timer automatic 8110A

Citizen automatic Chronographs – Challenge Timer



Citizen Bullhead vintage Chronograph model 67-9356



citizen vintage automatic chronograph speedy 67-9313

Citizen chronograph “Speedy” – 67-9313



Citizen bullhead 67-9356 restoration & service



citizen bullhead chronograph vintage

Citizen Bullhead 4-901096-K – Green dial



Citizen vintage chronograph 8100A

Citizen Challenge Timer cal 8100A



citizen walter wolf

Citizen Walter Wolf Racing Chronograph



citizen 8110a chronograph

Citizen Chronograph Calibre 8110A



citizen recordmaster rally custom

Citizen Recordmaster Rally Custom Chronograph



recordmaster citizen watch


Citizen Recordmaster Chronograph 63-0110



Citizen chronograph automatic

1974 Citizen Automatic Chronographs print




vintage citizen chronograph 8110

 Citizen 67-9151 Fly-back Chronograph restoration




vintage citizen automatic chronograph 8100

Citizen automatic chronograph model 67-9631




Citizen automatic chronograph 8110A  Vintage Citizen Flyback Chronograph 67-9151 calibre 8110A



Original dial for Citizen Bullhead and fake aftermarket dial

How to spot a Fake (aftermarket) dial for Citizen Chronograph



Vintage Citizen case finishing



citizen recordmaster 63-0110

VIDEO – Citizen (manual wind) Recordmaster 63-0110



citizen automatic chronograph

VIDEO – Citizen octagonal bullhead chronograph – flyback




citizen vintage chronograph 8110a

 VIDEO – Citizen automatic Chronograph 67-9151



citizen automatic chronograph 67-9631

VIDEO – Citizen 67-9631 cal 8100A chronograph  



32 thoughts on “Chronograph

  1. Great site! Thanks for the information. I’ve just recently received my first vintage Citizen, a Bullhead chronograph. So much watch for so little money! Looking forward to learning more about these nice pieces.


  2. The date in the 8110A is quick set. Just pull the crown one step out and then press the chronograph reset button at 1 o’clock. There you go.


  3. Such an amazing resource! I recently purchased my first vintage Citizen Chronograph and just discovered your site. Thanks for the great information and advice!


  4. Hi, I’m new to this forum, and new to Citizen chronos! I just purchased my first vintage piece, and its in need of repair. The watch came with an additional dial that is supposed to be the original- silver with black. I’ve never seen one like this, with no black sundial at the bottom. Does this look legitimate? I’d love opinions and feedback. Thanks!


  5. Hi, may be you can help me! I bought a 8110a but the strange thing is that the hour counter continue to move, even if the chrono is stopped. Is it normal?




  6. Hey do you have any idea if it’s possible to get day and date wheels to 8110A movement from somewhere? i have fully working chrono, but for some reason it’s missing both date and day wheels.


  7. Hey, sorry the intrusion, but can you help me if anyone know something about this watch and if this watch is original, and what does mean all these numbers, here are the pictures, and thank you for your help.


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