A Jet movement is a ring rotor one that I really like a lot. Rumor has it that Citizen chose to replace this movement with a central swinging rotor, even though the circular rotor one was of a better quality, because the later was easier and cheaper to produce. Others say that the Jet were not as reliable, but I strongly doubt that, and others believe that the change was due to a growing trend for slimmer watches that were not a perfect match for this kind of movements. The Jets was produced starting from October 1961 up to about 1967. The first was a simple three hands non date one and the last, the Auto Dater Seven, with a date and day feature. The most impressive one is the 39 Jewels Super Auto Dater.

In fact the first automatic Citizen calibre was a “normal” one with a  centrally attached swinging rotor that was made for only about 2 years. The Jet (so, the second type of Citizen automatic movements) are all beating at 18,000 bph and have a power reserve of about 45 hours. These movements, as stated , are automatic but (most of them) can be manually winded too. The rotating ring has 4 or 6 screws. The thing I like the most it the beautiful sound that the rotor is making when rotating, smooth, loud, mechanic.

citizen jet autodater

Here you can find a few watches powered by these amazing movements.

For more information follow the links below:

Citizen Super Auto Dater

Citizen Super Auto Dater 39J 150m Professional SADS52801-Y



citizen jet autodater

Citizen Jet Autodater movement – ring rotor




Citizen Jet (Super Jet) Auto Dater 



citizen jet parawater professionalFirst JET movement (1962) – Para Water Professional



citizen super jet auto dater 2

Citizen Super Jet Auto Dater parawater X case



citizen jet auto dater 120m

 Citizen Jet Autodater 120 m – the first diver



citizen auto dater para water

The last JET movement (1966) – Auto Dater Seven



citizen autodater diver 40m ADOS 3001-DM

Citizen AutoDater Diver 40m ADOS 3001-DM



citizen autodater 200m skin diver

Citizen 200m Auto Dater Skin Diver



Citizen Newmaster autodater

Citizen Newmaster – Autodater 21 jewels



Vintage Citizen case finishing


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  8. Just how loud are these movements? I just purchased one and I love the watch, it seems to be working great, but the sound is very loud and I am concerned that it needs a service or is on it’s last legs,It makes the sound both when hand winding and when the rotor spins.It sounds to me like a tinny dry, scraping metal sound, thus my concern


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