The first this, the first that. The interesting this or that. The thinnest, the deepest, the most expensive, the rarest, the… Special Citizen.

The “HOLLY GRAIL” Citizen, find it here!


For more information follow the links below:

VCW Skin Diver – because we dream




citizen vintage watch

Citizen “Better Starts Now” – VIDEO




citizen-gloriousCitizen Glorious 



citizen elite special

Citizen Chrono Master Elite Special 



The best Citizen calibres



citizen chronomaster 500mThe deepest WR rating 500m Chrono Master Chronometer 



My favorite diver – super auto dater jet professional



The fabulous story of Seppo and his B52806 Citizen diver



citizen 500m chrono master diver vintage

Power, spirit watch



Opening the CM500M



citizen jet auto dater 120m

Citizen Jet Autodater 120m – the first diver



vintage citizen alarm phynox disk

The first Citizen Alarm watch



citizen vintage watch

Great Japan Watch Company 大日本時計株式会社



Citizen patent no 274740 dust-proof 1428The first Citizen wrist watch – Shokosha




Citizen WG Diamond Flake – world’s thinnest



shokoshaThe very first Citizen watch – Shokosha



Citizen ParawaterThe first Japanese water proof watch – The Parawater




“As simple as that” (The Parawater) by Andrei Cherascu



citizen chronometer box papers

Citizen Chronometer



citizen jet parawater professional

First JET movement (1962) – Para Water Professional



citizen recordmaster 63-0110The first Citizen Chronograph – the Recordmaster 63-0110



citizen shine braile watch

Citizen Shine – Brail watch



citizen center second

The first central seconds – Citizen Center Second



citizen chronometer officially certified 36000

Citizen Chronometer Officially Certified 36000



citizen chronomaster box

Citizen ChronoMaster Box



Vintage Citizen case finishing



citizen custom v2 day date blackieCitizen V2 Custom Blackie – the first black coated Citizen



citizen ring watch pendant watch bracelet watch

Citizen ring watch, pendant watch, bracelet watch



citizen seven star leopard pocket watches

Citizen Seven Star Deluxe & Leopard Pocket watches



5 thoughts on “Special

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  3. Nice page. I have a very rare cigarettlighter from Citizen with the parts from a wristwatch visible in the lower part. Hard to explain. Please send me an e-mail and I can post a picture.


  4. Hi there I did get a citizen watch by my dad bot no where can I get info and a value on it. The each is very old and in great condition. There are numbers at the back but I don’t know what it means. 3530-351207 ta, 5043641,371114 gn-4s. If you can please help me with more information and value I will appreciate it.


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