Diving vintage Citizen watches

External bezel, compressor style cases, blue dial, red, orange, silver, black dial, 100m wr to 500m wr. Parawater and Water resistant. Love them all!

vintage citizen divers

In the picture above we have:

  1. The Parawater – the first Japanese water resistant watch
  2. The 200m Skin Diver – the first real diving watch made by Citizen
  3. The 150m Super Jet Professional – professional diving
  4. The Chronomaster 500 m – well… the holly grail!

For more information follow the links below:

VCW skin diver – because we dream




vinatge citizen divers 150m

Complete -7- 150m Diver Collection



citizen chronomaster 500m

Citizen Chronomaster 500m Chronometer Parawater



The fabulous story of Seppo and his B52806 Citizen diver



citizen 500m chrono master diver vintage

Power, spirit watch



Opening the CM500M



citizen autodater diver 40m ADOS 3001-DM

Citizen AutoDater Diver 40m ADOS 3001-DM



citizen jet auto dater 120m

Citizen Jet Autodater 120m – the first diver



vintage citizen divers 150m 4-740131Y , 4-600851Y , 4-820789Y

Vintage Citizen Divers 150m 68-5372 , 62-6198 , 52-0110




Citizen Super Auto Dater

Citizen Super Auto Dater 39J Para150mWater Professional



citizen diver dandy seven

Citizen Dandy Seven Para100mWater Diver – 4-520688 Y




Dandy Seven yellow – orange models



crystal seven vintage citizen diver

Citizen Crystal Seven para 100m water Diver



citizen autodater 200m skin diver

Citizen 200m Auto Dater Skin Diver 



citizen 150m day date leopard 7200 4-722710 y

Citizen day-date 150m diver



citizen 62-5370 citizen B52806 (2)

Citizen 150M 62-5370 and Citizen B52806



citizen autodater uni

Citizen auto Dater UNI ADUS31201-T



vintage citizen diver bezel 150m original fake

 Citizen 150m diver bezel ( original vs fake)



vintage citizen diver lume

Citizen Luminous Material Patina



citizen diver alarm

His and Hers Vintage Citizen Alarm Diving Watches



parawater citizen deluxe

The first Japanese water resistant watch – THE PARAWATER




“As simple as that” (The Parawater) by Andrei Cherascu



citizen compressor diver seven star parawater

Citizen Compressor Diver – Seven Star Deluxe 4-520017Y




citizen diver 100m 67-5776

Blue & orange 1971 Citizen 67-5776 The last “Parawater” diver?




citizen diver

Vintage Citizen 150m diver model 52-0110



citizen 150m 52-0110

Citizen 150m diver 52-0110 dial variants



vintage ladies Citizen diver

Citizen ladies diver 150m model 54-0919




quartz crisis Citizen divers

Diving quartz war



Citizen Diver compressor 4-520343 Y

Vintage 100m Citizen compressor diver 4-520343 Y




citizen seven star parawater compressor diver

Citizen Seven Star compressor Para100mWater APSS2812-Y



citizen seven star diver

 Vintage Citizen Diver Seven Star 4-526970Y



citizen diver 51-2273

Vintage 150m Citizen diver 51-2273




citizen 150m automatic diver

Citizen diver found in the Ocean on an Australian beach



vintage citizen diving tropic strap

Vintage Citizen diving Tropic straps



Vintage Citizen case finishing



vintage citizen 150m diver crystal and bezel insert

Citizen 150m crystal and bezel insert replacement




29 thoughts on “Diving

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  2. I have a 1972 vintage Citizen Diver, “Crystron” day-date, and good to 3330 feet depth. I need to find someone to replace a battery.
    Note: the case and back are one piece; the movement comes out of the front of the case.
    7100-712789-Y. Thanks


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  5. hi
    I´m new to the forum . I have a citizen women divers watch, I think it´s about 1989, automatic, 150 meters in quite good shape,33 mm diameters with our crown
    I was wondering where can i find the original rubber band and if get and idea of it´s value as i might be interested to sell it
    thank you for your help


    • Yes, I found you one strap! 🙂 The value if you sell the watch is not that high so It might worth more as a sentimental gift for your daughter. After all, it is your decision. Having the original strap is plus, of course. I will write you on your e-mail address provided.


  6. Hello, I have a 52-0110 in good shape but would like to replace the bezel. I would be ok with an after market bezel. Can you help me please?


  7. Hi there,

    A long shot … but im chasing a new crystal for my citizen watch … the part I need is:

    Its for a titanium ecodrive, circa 1998 – origional model was AP5190-55E (here in Australia)

    Looks like

    Its an 8050 caliber, case H10333 , band H0436 (so 8050-H10333).

    I’m actually after any good or NOS parts …. first watch, much loved and trying to keep her going.

    Any help, much appreciated.


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