Any true vintage watch collector needs a real trusted watchmaker! Our watches, most of the time, should be taken care of and restored. Sometimes real diamonds in the dust benefit from a little bit of polishing to get them as good as they can get, so, you can have your loved Vintage Citizen Watch serviced, polished, re-lumed and restored (as close as possible) the way it was meant to be in the first place. All our knowledge from the years of collecting and restoring vintage Citizen timepieces will be put to work to get the information needed for the delicate work carried out by VCW trusted watchmaker.

If you have a watch that needs work done, reply to this and I will contact you.

Of course a (free of charge) quote is possible only after inspecting the watch but here are some general fees, depending on complexity: (sorry, no longer available)

  • Simple movement cleaning, oiling, servicing
  • Complicated (chronograph) servicing
  • Polishing to to original specification
  • Hands re-lume (where possible)
  • New rubber seals and water tested

Any additional part needed or part restoration is not included. Unfortunately there is a limited supply of original spare parts and there is no way of telling is a certain part will and when will be available. Also please pay attention that usually with old watches like these and limited parts at out reach we can do all we can do but we can not perform miracles. We will try our best to all we can do.

Any work done comes with VCW 6 months warranty.

service restoration vintage citizen watch

All work is done by VCW certified watchmaker of “British Horological Institute”, inside European Union.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting from 2018 August we can no longer accept watches for restoration and repairs due to some complicated paperwork we have to deal with. So sorry for this! Thank you for all the support!

Also: Looking for Recommendations: Do you have a trusted watchmaker that can work on our beloved VCW? Let me know and I will contact him/her. Looking for a few worldwide options, in order to make a list. This, I think, will be a good thing to know for us. So… who do you recommend? Give me a few names and locations!  Thank you!

NOS Vintage Citizen Watches service – Shine & Citizen Alarm



Citizen bullhead 67-9356 restoration & service



Opening the CM500M



vintage citizen 150m diver crystal and bezel insert

Citizen 150m crystal and bezel insert replacement




Citizen 8100 Chronograph 67-9151 Restoration



citizen parts crystal bezel crown for repair and restoration

Citizen parts for repair or restoration 



Vintage Citizen case finishing



Vintage Watch collecting guide




137 thoughts on “Y files VCW SERVICE

  1. Hi Citizen Guy,

    it would be great if you would contact me via Email. I´m Björn from Germany.
    At Christmas i got the old Citizen 150m Ref.4-600851Y from my Grandfather. that he used at his work as a Lifeguard.
    I´m not familiar in vintage watches. I´m looking for a watchmaker who can do the inspection and has new sealings. Could you give me a reference of a recommendable watchmaker in Europe? Do you know if the sealings are available?

    Greetings Björn


    • Hello Björn! Unfortunately I don’t take new watches (for a few years) for service and I was not able to find a trusted watchmaker specialized in Vintage Citizen in Europe. The good news is that seals are universal and it is not a difficult watch to service so any good watchmaker should take good care of your watch. It is a nice watch and it is cool that it was used the way it was supposed to be used, in water. By the way, do you have any pictures or stories with your grandfather wearing it?


      • Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will look for a trusted watchmaker here. The date quickset doesn´t work. The rest runs well at the moment. I will take some pictures for you and will ask my parents. There must be some diapositives of my grandfather wearing the watch. I was realy young at that time. I know about that watch, that my uncle bougth the watch for his father from some of his first self earned money around in 1979. Best regards Björn


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