Any true vintage watch collector needs a real trusted watchmaker! Our watches, most of the time, should be taken care of and restored. Sometimes real diamonds in the dust benefit from a little bit of polishing to get them as good as they can get, so, you can have your loved Vintage Citizen Watch serviced, polished, re-lumed and restored the way it was meant to be in the first place. All our knowledge from the years of collecting and restoring vintage Citizen timepieces will be put to work to get the information needed for the delicate work carried out by VCW trusted watchmaker.

If you have a watch that needs work done, reply to this and I will contact you.

Of course a (free of charge) quote is possible only after inspecting the watch but here are some general fees, depending on complexity:

  • Simple movement cleaning, oiling, servicing  – 50 – 80 USD
  • Complicated (chronograph) servicing              – 90 – 160 USD
  • Polishing to to original specification                – 50 – 100 USD
  • Hands re-lume (where possible)                       – 40 – 80 USD
  • New rubber seals and water tested                  – 30 – 90 USD

Any additional part needed or part restoration is not included. Unfortunately there is a limited supply of original spare parts and there is no way of telling is a certain part will and when will be available.

Any work done comes with VCW 6 months warranty.

service restoration vintage citizen watch

All work is done by VCW certified watchmaker of “British Horological Institute”, inside European Union.

Important UPDATE: Due to some unfortunate events, starting April 2018, we can no longer support service. I am sorry but I will try to make a short list with some trusted watchmakers. Will come back soon. So, I al looking for recommendations: Do you have a trusted watchmaker that can work on our beloved VCW? Let me know and I will contact him. Looking for a few worldwide options, in order to make a list. This, I think, will be a good thing to know for us. So… who do you recommend? Give me a few names and locations! 😉 Thank you!

citizen Bogdan

NOS Vintage Citizen Watches service – Shine & Citizen Alarm



Citizen bullhead 67-9356 restoration & service



vintage citizen 150m diver crystal and bezel insert

Citizen 150m crystal and bezel insert replacement




Citizen 8100 Chronograph 67-9151 Restoration



citizen parts crystal bezel crown for repair and restoration

Citizen parts for repair or restoration 



Vintage Citizen case finishing




92 thoughts on “Y files VCW SERVICE

      • Hi Bogdan,
        I have a citizen 62-6198 with a water resistance issue, everytime when i wear it into the train station or air condition area, my watch crystal will fog up inside, even though the condition the lume shows no sin of water corrosion however this issue has left me to leave my watch in the watch as no one in singapore is willing to work the watch up to specs so i can wear if it rains or in air condition without having to worry, i am looking to procure your services for a whole work on the movement and replacement of parts if any and a water resistance test, it comes with the wrong second hand but i can live with that i just cant deal with the fact i cant wear the watch without worrying the glass will fog up, i am contactable via facebook i will send you a message soon about this problems


  1. Hi Bogdan, I have a Citizen Recodmaster 63-0110 that I would dearly love to sort out as its been lying around for many years. The biggest problem is that the one pusher plate at the top has brocken, do you possibly have spares or can it be repaired. I am in Cape Town, South Africa. Great site with fab Citizens. By the way have you seen the one on offer on Ebay not in the same league as the one you show on your site.

    Kind regards


    • Hello Ash!
      The Recordmaster is a very nice watch and it would be a shame not to be used as it should. The good news is that I think there is a good chance to have it repaired. I don’t have the spare part but I think (not sure though) that one can be made. If you decide to send the watch we can take a look at it.
      I saw the one on E-bay too. 🙂


  2. Hi Bogdan, I have a first gen Record Master (RMOS 2901-T, GN-3-U) and I’m looking for a replacement crystal for it. I came across this list (https://i.imgur.com/odXLSeC.jpg) and it seems like the part number for the crystal is 54-5016. Do you know the exact diameter of 54-5016, and if it’s interchangeable with any other crystal on that list? If not, do you know of other aftermarket crystal that might fit what I’m looking for?


  3. Hi Bogdan,

    I have a Seven Star dual crown diver, ref 4-520017 that I would like to have serviced. Watch works fine now, but just to be sure there are no problems in the future. 🙂 Also, I have a Seiko 4205-014B that has recently stopped running – does your watchmaker do Seikos?

    Best regards,


  4. The mechanism which adjust the time came out of the watch how difficult would it be to repair , would purchase a new one but my wife loves this watch even more then the new Eco Drive i purchased for her last Christmas . How long would it take to repair ?


    • Hello Robert!
      Without seeing it is impossible to know what broke there so the best way is to have the watch checked by a watchmaker. Of course, you could send it to us and we will have a look or you can take it to a local watchmaker to investigate the issue.
      Hope all will be sorted out soon!


  5. Hi, my bullhead’s crown has detached from the stem and as a result the watch has stopped working. Please could you tell me if this is something you could help with and where you would like me to send the watch?

    Many thanks in advance.


    • Sorry to hear that! If it is only detached and the stem is not broken, it is an easy fix. Any watchmaker can do it. If you decide to send it to us it will cost you nothing (except for shipping). But if the stem is broken inside the crown and other parts are faulty we have to evaluate it. If you would you like me to contact you, let me know and I will write you on your e-mail address provided.


  6. Hello.
    3 month ago after searching on internet for a nice vintage watch. After another month i bought a citizen skeleton 4-760182TA BLG-K GN, 25 jewels. I have the watch checked by a watchmaker, firs time for cleaning and working up the balance, second for adjustment(in 24h – 60 seconds). Still i have a problem with the bezel, witch after working fine 2,3,4 sometimes 5 rounds, is working without charging the spring. The watchmaker said to me that is not a problem because the spring is charging by the rotor. But i don’t like this, and the problem with losing seconds is still there. I am from Romania, so if you can help me please, because i don’t want to go to another watchmaker.


    • Well, Radu, unfortunately I think your best bet is to have the watch fixed by a watchmaker. I don’t think the problem is a very easy one to fix and I have doubts that I can do it myself. What you are telling me might suggest that some parts could be broken, (or maybe only loose). If you want the watch to be looked at by my watchmaker, I will help you with this, no problem. But, personally I prefer to go the safe way and let a certifier watchmaker to fix it.
      So, let me know your thoughts about this. 😉


  7. Hy, i am ok with this, i want to send you the watch. So if you can tell me where to send it, and if you know the approximately cost of all this(transport charge and repair).
    Thank you


  8. Hello, I am new to WordPress and your blog. BTW I love it! I am in the process of buying an Octogon and would like to know how can I send it to you for service, and also if you can sell me an original band in good shape as the one it comes with is not correct. Also on your items for sale, are they the watches in the actual article? or if not where can I see pictures. I like the NOS alarm and the Dandy Seven. Are you in the USA?, Thank you in advance


    • Thank you for your kind words!
      1 – you can send me the watch, no worries. I am located in European Union, as it it mentioned in the page description but I am also staying in LA part of the year. I will be there in a month.
      2 – Getting an original bracelet is no easy task, unfortunately I don’t have one. By the way, did you read the article on how to recognize a fake dial on bullheads?
      3 – Most of the watches are the one in the articles. Both the Alarm and the yellow ring Dandy Seven are featured in the articles. Of course you could ask for all the pictures and details you need on the For Sale page.
      Thank you and welcome to VCW! 😉


      • I got the watch. It is in great shape and the dial and hands are orinal and in fantastic shape. I would love for you to service the watch and if look at the case and advice me if it needs to be refinished to original spec. Will this be something you can do while in LA? If so I wanted to ask the eBay seller to ship it your Los Ángeles address directly or if that would you rather have him send it to you in the EU? I am in California, so perhaps the easiest way is to wait for you to arrive or drive up and meet you in LA. Please let me know what is your preference since I the seller is holding shipment for me so I can figure this out. Also if you rather talk about this via email let me know. Best regard Miguel.


  9. I got the watch. It is in great shape and the dial and hands are orinal and in fantastic shape. I would love for you to service the watch and if look at the case and advice me if it needs to be refinished to original spec. Will this be something you can do while in LA? If so I wanted to ask the eBay seller to ship it your Los Ángeles address directly or if that would you rather have him send it to you in the EU? I am in California, so perhaps the easiest way is to wait for you to arrive or drive up and meet you in LA. Please let me know what is your preference since I the seller is holding shipment for me so I can figure this out. Also if you rather talk about this via email let me know. Best regard Miguel.


  10. Hey Bogdan, three questions; 1) One of the options is a polish back to original specification. I was wondering, I have a Citizen Bullhead with the octagon case, does the watchmaker also restore the satin finish on the top of the case and if so, do you have any example pictures perhaps? 2) The case of my bullhead octagon is a bit over polished on one sides and the edges are a bit faded now. Do you have pictures of any examples you have restored like that as well?3) I’m interested in a polish and chrono service, how long would that take usually? (Excluding shipping times of course)


  11. Thank you Nirya Octa and Bogdan for the response! I decided to have the watch send to so I can use it for a couple of days while you get to LA so I can send it to you. I am looking forward for the Octogonal restoration article! Thank you!


  12. Hi, I have a 68-5372 that I got from my father as my first watch, probably around 1973-74. It’s well worn and has a great patina, but it hasn’t been running for at least 20 years, so it needs service and maybe if possible a new crystal and bezel insert. Is this something you could help me with? If so please let me know how to proceed. I’m in the EU. Thanks J


  13. Hi I need a new crystal for my watch. It is a Citizen alarm Date ALDS 51301a-Y Then it says
    STAR 80500559 I Purchased this new in 1970. It has a raised date screen at the 3 o’clock
    position. Can you help please, or refer me perhaps to someone who can.All the best, Lionel


  14. Dear Bogdan. I recently bought the Citizen 8110a Octagonal through eBay, white dial & black chrono’s. It looks absolutely amazing from the outside; but it sometimes stops working. I brought it to my local watchmaker but he thinks it is too complicated to service. Would you have time to look at it and try to repair it? It keeps good time but when wearing it it sometimes stops.


  15. I just received my Citizen 150m diver, ref 68-5372, back from service through Bogdan. I’m super happy with the result – it both looks and runs great! It had a full movement service as well as the new crystal and bezel insert that I sourced installed. Thank you very, very much Bogdan!


  16. Hello Bogdan,

    I have a couple on Citizens I’d like to get serviced. I would really appreciate if You would contact me so we could talk further. Thank you!

    BR, Juha


  17. My bracelet came loose and my beloved bullhead fell on the floor face on.
    Chrono hand came off, according to local watch repair guy the hand pin snapped, and need spareparts for counterpart mechanism wheel as well
    Please help, please repair my beloved watch


  18. Hello Bogdan, just received a Citizen compact diver from 1969, runs but needs a service (last one recorded was 2009) and if possible a relume since the old lume is flaking and polluting the dial. E-mail me with details, thanks


  19. Hi Bogdan, I have been wearing my father’s 1969 Parawater diver (model# 4-520858) for a few months and I would like to have it serviced.


  20. Greetings Bogdan,
    I have an old Citizen watch. It was a gift from my grandfather to my father. He loved that watch and he was diving very often with it till it stops runnig after a seal damage in salty sea water. I like to use and have it as a memory, cause my father past away.
    It is hard for me to track the model number, but is a diver watch with no typical bezel.
    I have a picture of the back with all the numbers.
    It needs a full restoration and maybe adding a diver’s bezel if it is possible.
    Best regards!


  21. Hi again Bogdan,
    Not sure if that is the right section to write you about my watch, but here is some more info about:
    4-822005 Y
    Water resistant
    That are the markings on the back.
    I did not found any of the numbers helpful in the net, so no info till now.
    So the glass is replaced with some plastic one in the past, there is something missing on the face( inner bezel or something ) there are five little holes and marks of something missing.


  22. Hi. I’ve got an octagon bullhead which could do with some attention. I’ve been looking around for a watchmaker who will work on 1970’s Citizen chronos. Please get in touch via e-mail so I can give you more details.


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