One of my favorite line of Citizen watches is the Chrono Master. They are the most recognizable high-end watches produced by Citizen starting from 1967 up to this day.  At least the name remained alive. What I am interested in, is the vintage area. Some of them are Chronometer grade but all of them are beautifully made, with a lot of attention to details from the case and movement to the various straps and bracelets. The first Chronometer was made in 1962. They come in hand winging form as well as automatic. Most of the Crono Masters are elegant watches, except for the Chronometer Chrono Master diver 500m, that is as sporty as a watch can get.

citizen chrono master

For more information follow the links below:


Citizen Glorious



citizen elite special

Citizen Chrono Master Elite Special



citizen chronomaster superior chronometer special

Citizen Superior Chronometer Day Date



The best Citizen calibres



citizen chronomaster 500m Citizen Crono Master Chronometer Diver 500m 



citizen 500m chrono master diver vintage

Power, spirit watch



Opening the CM500M



citizen chronometer

Citizen Chronometer



Vintage Citizen Chronomaster Citizen Chrono Master autodate



citizen chrono master chronometer auto day date

Citizen Chrono Master Chronometer 4-520840-Y and  ACSS2929-Y



Citizen Chrono Master Superior Chronometer Special



citizen chrono master auto day dateCitizen Chrono Master Day-Date 5240



citizen chrono master date

Citizen Chrono Master Chronometer Date



citizen chronometer officially certified 36000

Citizen Chronometer Officially Certified 36000



citizen chronomaster box

Citizen ChronoMaster box



citizen chronomaster strap

Citizen ChronoMater strap & buckle



Vintage Citizen case finishing


2 thoughts on “ChronoMaster

  1. Hai there,i bought a citizen in 1988 in st Thomas ,it is a mountainclime watch that looks like the divers it has a barometer and you can check how high you went on different levels ,does anyone know the name,and are new straps still available???


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