Citizen Parawater – Citizen Parashock

The term “Parawater” was the one used by Citizen to describe that the watch was water resistant.

In 1959 the company produced the first Japanese water-resistant wrist watch. This was the “Citizen Parawater”. It was powered by the Citizen Cal. 920(2B). Soon after, the Parawater completed two trans-Pacific tests and one in the Sea of Japan. The result, needless to say, was positive.  As time passed Citizen was growing as a company and exported more and more watches, so the term “Parawater” was changed to the universally recognized “Water resistant” somewhere around 1970-1973.

Read more about Citizen diving watches here:

parawater citizen

The term “Parashock” came to life in 1956 when the company produced the first shock-proof Japanese watch, known as the “Parashock”. So first was the “Parashock” and three years later the “Parawater”.

Even though you have a parashock and a parawater watch, please don’t treat it as a modern Casio G-shock. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Citizen Parawater – Citizen Parashock

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  2. I have on my left wrist a citizen quarts 200m mens watch. Serial#7030314 black face glow in the dark with a DM at the top of the dial. Thete are 4 buttons starting at top left with select next on rt is set below that on rt is a pull out gold switch and last on left bottom is has a protruding circle area with a gold circle inside at 9 .stainlessbsteel backing housing with citizen watch co. The numbers are hard to see. 0021067_087372y. CQ_108 maybe a 63. GN4,_S or 5. I cannot find this watch anywhere except my wrist. Can you help me. I did stumble upon a picture but cannot retrieve it for some reason. There was some wrighting maybe about RARE but i cant remember. Im extremely interested in finding out particulars. Please respond.


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