His and hers Citizen alarm – diver style

Here is of my favorite vintage watches! What can I say, I love diving watches! Despite the fact that it is not a real diving one, it is made in this style and has an added bonus complication.

As one can clearly see, because is written on the black beautiful dial, in white lettering, this is an alarm watch, Citizen 63-7076. It is powered by the usual Citizen alarm date calibre, 3102 (engraved underneath the balance wheel). This is based on the USSR calibre AS 1475. It is a manual winding movement, with 21 jewels running at 18000 bph. The watch has two crowns , signed “C”. The top one is for setting and winding the alarm while the bottom one is for setting the time and date and also winding the movement.

citizen diver alarm 63-7076The entire case is made entirely in stainless steel, the bezel is bidirectional frictional type while the crystal is domed acrylic with a date magnifier on the outer surface. I enjoy the fact that the watch looks good on any kind of bracelet or strap you throw at it (nato, rubber, leather, mesh…) Of course it looks good on the Citizen bracelet too. πŸ™‚ The caseback is snap on type and for the alarm can work it can be placed only in a certain way. The active part of the alarm from the movement engages the passive part (the pin) of the caseback only if the two parts fit as they are supposed to.

citizen alarm diverCitizen also made one for the ladies, so here are a few pictures I found online on e-bay posted by antiquewatches-de. This one is a smaller watch and doesn’t have a date (calibre 9812). The crowns are signed “CTZ”.

citizen alarm diverThis year, and the previous one, we saw a growing trend of “his and hers” watches, well Citizen did it so beautifully, 50 years ago! And such a beautiful vintage pair this is today!

Here is a video of another Citizen alarm with the same movement and this is how it sounds:Β 


And this is another awesome his and hers real diving Citizen pair:Β 



10 thoughts on “His and hers Citizen alarm – diver style

  1. Nice and informative blog.
    But come on, You are repeating and repeating: “USSR calibre AS 1475″… There is no such thing.
    Calibre 1475 was made by a swiss company Adolph Schild (hence _AS_ 1475). Soviets (as it was usual for them) copied this movement and made it as Poljot 2612.

    If Citizen made a copy, I would assume it was based on AS1475 and not Poljot2612.


  2. Hey there, love the write-up! I just bought one of these bad boys on fleaBay and I’m super excited for it to come in. May I ask what the lug width is on the men’s one on the top? Unfortunately mine does not come with the original bracelet but I think the watch wills till look stunning on a leather vintage style strap.


  3. Hi, I realize this watch was not a diver per se, but what was the depth rating? Could one have gone swimming with these? Or was the bezel just for appearances?



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