Citizen parts for repair and restoration

At least once a week I get a mail, a comment or a message about sourcing a part for someones loved vintage Citizen watch. It may be a missing bezel insert or an original crystal. Someone is looking for a movement part for a Jet calibre or for Chrono Master hands. Maybe you are searching the original Citizen diver strap or a bracelet link to buy in order to restore your watch.  We are all looking for something… So: where can we find original parts for our vintage Citizen watches? Is there a special secret place for them?

citizen parts crystal bezel crown for repair and restoration

That is an easy question but not an easy one to answer. In fact original parts are, most of the time, almost impossible to source. Citizen company doesn’t provide them (because they don’t keep them) and because they made so many models I imagine having all available is not a real possibility. So the company is out of the question. Next choice would be looking for one online. But… do you know the part code? I guess you don’t. So first thing you have to do is finding a Citizen original parts catalogue, find the part inside and find the identification code and then search it online. Even so, finding one is close to impossible again. The chance would be for the seller to know the part code and listed with this in the title, and that is not really going to happen, is it?  😦 What else do we have? Watchmakers… there is not even a slim chance your watchmaker can have the original one unless you live in Japan and  your watchmakers father was a watchmaker too, that worked for and with Citizen and has a lot of leftover parts in his attic. Yeah, I know… slim chances you are ever going to find that part this way. Another choice is to ask me. Yeah, right. Unless you want a bezel, a crown and two crystals I am actually basically useless. (update: I gave them away too so I have no more parts)

How to do it then? Your best bet would be to find a “donor” watch. That means finding a junk watch that has the part you are looking for, buying that watch and get the part. Of course, keep looking online for your original NOS part, you might get lucky in a month or maybe a few years… or probably never.

The last choice is to go for aftermarket parts. First find a good watchmaker, than see what he can do to help you…

Conclusion? Keep looking (day and night)… you can never know when you will find the needle in the haystack. Good luck!


22 thoughts on “Citizen parts for repair and restoration

  1. Hi. Probably next to impossible but I have to ask, do you know where to find hands to a Citizen 62-6198 really only need the sweep second hand. Thanks


  2. citizen japan movt-n-8200-b12468-y
    I found the watch. Needs new crystal. And wont t turn love the way it looks on me can you help on any info and how much for repairs


  3. I’ve got a really nice, fully working Citizen Ana Digi Temp Watch (new in 1980s). At the bottom of the front of the watch, below the glass and on the metal of the watch there are 2 inset rectangles. The right hand one has a white text on black background (sticker) label that says ‘ANA-DIGI, with TEMP below it. The left hand rectangle is missing its label and I believe it said CITIZEN in white text on black background – it disappeared up the Hoover long ago!
    Any chance anyone has one of these stickers/label please?
    Dennis – Sheffield UK


  4. Assuming I can find a replacement crystal…(citizen octagon 8110a) how do I install it? Mine shattered. Watch is fine. I see there’s A gasket inside the bezel. Does it push in? From inside or outside? Does movement need to be removed?



  5. Also…are all 8110a crystals the same size?

    Ie: can I buy a “brad Pitt” bullhead crystal with bezel, remove them crystal and use that in my octagon challenge bullhead?



  6. I have a Citizen 30-3488 with a broken glass. This was a gift from my late father and I love the watch. Any chance of finding a spare glass?


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