Crystal and bezel insert Citizen 150m diver

One rather simple task is to change the bezel insert. I will update the article with info about how to do it. The crystal changing can be an easy one or not really, depending on the model.

In this case we removed the old scratched crystal and replaced it with a better one and this really made the owner say that the dial is gorgeous. Finally he can appreciate the beauty of his watch.

The bezel insert was changed with an aftermarket one that is very close to original specifications. Lume is a good match too.

Both the original crystal and bezel insert were returned the same day to the owner.

A simple cleaning was carried out, of course, and we identified a few problems: the frontal part of the lugs were polished and they are supposed to be brushed and the movement needs cleaning and new seals. This will be carried out in the future.

I hope you like the result! 😉 The picture shows the reflections on the crystal.

vintage citizen 150m diver crystal and bezel insert

Now, strap it on a nato and enjoy it! 😉

PS – click on the picture to magnify it.


10 thoughts on “Crystal and bezel insert Citizen 150m diver

  1. Hello, hoping you can comment on the correct crystal for the 62-6198. Is it crystal 54-5005 or rather 54-51810? Many thanks, Jay


  2. Dear Sir
    I’ve purchased a vintage B52806 and it is in need of a new crystal and crown. It is also a candidate for a donor case/bezel probably. But I’ll start small first. The good news is the dial and hands were well preserved inside !! Any assistance is my quest to get her on my wrist is appreciated.


  3. Hello,

    I am looking for an insert + crown + steel bracelet (if possible) for a citizen 62-6198.

    if you can help me i will be delighted.

    Best regards.


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