Vintage Citizen Newmaster – Jet Autodater

What can I say about this one? Well… I love this movement!

Citizen Newmaster autodater

The case is the usual classic style, made in stainless steel, with a screw in caseback. It is 35mm in diameter and it is entirely polished except for the sides that are brushed. The winding crown is made in stainless steel (just as the entire case is) and it is signed CTZ. The polished bezel holds in place a domed acrylic crystal.

The dial is silver, simple, with a sunburst effect. It has black writing: “Citizen 21 jewels”, “Newmaster automatic waterproof”. The applied hour markers are polished and have multiple surfaces that reflect the light no matter the angle from where you look at them. The hour date (black numbers on a white disk) has a applied frame too. The hands are polished too (without luminous material) and have a classic shape.

Citizen newmaster autodater

The movement is the main feature of this watch due to the ring rotor that I like a lot. It is a 21 jewels movement, beating at 18,000 bph. It has a power reserve at about 45hours. The date changes only by advancing the hands. The movement, as stated , is an automatic but can be manually winded too.  I came to the conclusion that the rotating ring has 4 or 6 screws but the 4 screws one seems to be a more rare type. The thing I like the most it the beautiful sound that the rotor is making when rotating, smooth, loud, mechanic.

The strap in this case is a aftermarket shinny lizard skin one. I think it goes very well with the watch.

As a conclusion, I think anyone would love to experiment at least once the sight and the sound on a ring rotor vintage Citizen movement. I really am!

More details about Jet movement here:


13 thoughts on “Vintage Citizen Newmaster – Jet Autodater

  1. I have a jet auto-dater much like the one shown here. It needs some work, and I was wondering if you knew of anyone or any place that I might be able to find parts to repair it?


    • It is difficult to find the exact part sometimes with vintage watches, so your best bet would be to find a non-working donor watch. From time to time a non working deteriorated watch could sell (look on e-bay) really cheap and you might find the parts you need. Of course the best option would be to find a good watchmaker that can try to fix it without any parts. A lot of times a service is enough. 🙂


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  3. Hi,

    I think I have come into posession of an identical watch as wha you are showing here. Dial, rotor movement and number (51204) on case back are the same. My watch is in dire need of a new crystal and I would greatly appreciate any hints on where to source this (to me) somewhat awkward design with its recess on the inside and accurate size allover to allow the bezel to fit snugly over etc.

    Thanks from Bo S


  4. I have just come across a 1964 newmaster,21 jewel jet auto-dater.I was wondering if i bought a rotor for a 21 jewel jet,will it fit,The watch does not work right now ,but everything except the rotor is there.


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