Citizen Memory of Reversion Okinawa

The Okinawa Reversion Agreement is an agreement between the United States and Japan, in which the United States relinquished in favor of Japan all rights and interests under Article III of the Treaty of San Francisco obtained as a result of the Pacific War. The document was signed simultaneously in Washington, D.C and Tokyo on June 17, 1971 by William P. Rogers on behalf of President Richard Nixon and Kiichi Aichi on behalf of Prime Minister Eisaku Sato. The document was not ratified in Japan until November 24, 1971. This treaty, “Agreement between Japan and the United States of America Concerning the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Island,” negotiated control of Okinawa back to Japan while maintaining U.S. military forces on the islands. It is known more commonly as the Okinawa Reversion Agreement.

Citizen made this commemorative edition in 1972 in order to celebrate the rightful event. My watch is made in 1972, February. 

citizen memory of reversion okinawaThe watch was accompanied  by a beautifully made hinged wooden box and a few other carefully chosen details. The box itself is simple and beautiful. On the outer part of the lid is has an engraved metal plate. Opening the box we see the watch and a medal with both faces being engraved. Remove the blue material inside and you can find the price tag and another dial (in case you desire for a cleaner more elegant look). In this package we can also find the instruction paper.

citizen reversion of okinawaBack to the watch! Well… we have a beautiful elegant piece made in 920 sterling silver (as well as the buckle).  The case measures 31mm / 38mm without the specially designed crown. It has an oval shaped engraved dial with applied hour markers. The acrylic crystal is flat. This is an elegant watch so it has only two simple (painted black) hands – hour and minutes. The movement is a hand winding one, with 23 jewels, Citizen calibre 6740 running at 28,800 bph. The strap, original too, is black and simple and based on the way it looks I might consider it as being made from ostrich leather?.

All things considered it is a beautiful rare watch, an awesome complete package celebrating an important event for Japan.