Citizen Ace Parawater

One of the common lines Citizen made in the sixties is the Ace. They are rather common with simple design and movements. Some of them are more complex, with a higher number of Jewels and better movements, the Super Ace. The one I am presenting today is an elegant simple black dial one made in 1962. The Ace were made somewhere starting from 1961 up to about 1967.

citizen ace parawater

The case is simple, round, polished, with a snap in case back. It is made is stainless steel and so is the unsigned winding crown.    The dial is simple and elegant, glossy black, that looks like enamel. The hour markers are applied and all the hours are also marked with a luminous dot. The hands are polished and have luminous material to (except for the sweeping second hand). The marking on the dial is simple, white: “Citizen Ace Parawater, Para Shock 21 jewels”. Nothing fancy, just pure beauty.

The movement is hand winding, with 21 jewels running at 18,000 bph. It was also used in other models, with 21 or 23 jewels, with or without 3 position adjustments.

Bottom line, it is what it is, a simple, elegant, gorgeous watch with a reliable movement.

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Citizen Super Ace 23 Jewels 40m

Well, apart from what is written on the dial there is not much info I have about this watch. It is part of the larger Ace family but, of course, it is Super. 🙂 The Super Ace. I date this one around 1966 – 1968 though I have no definitive answer regarding the manufacture date.

citizen super ace

First of all I notice the striking aspect of the watch, very modern, and gorgeous on the wist at 38mm diameter. Perfect size, no date, very balanced dial. The entire stainless steel case is polished. The mineral crystal is slightly domed and perfect, with very low unwanted reflections. The dial is a work of art: clean, harmonious, with the applied eagle medallion at 12 and well designed hour markers. The hands are a masterpiece. They have a beautiful shape, made in stainless steel, and are faceted, brushed (on the top part) and beveled, with polished sides and angles. The seconds hand is entirely polished. They remind me of the way Seiko finishes their Grand Seiko, and that is something for such an old watch! The finish of the dial has longitudinal brushed appearance and looks varnished. The elegant printing on the dial is black and it has no luminous material, nor do the hands. This must be one of the best faces Citizen has made!

citizen super ace

The caseback is engraved: SACS51301-D, Water Proof, Stainless Steel, and in the middle the profile of a man wearing a helmet (it he a diver, an astronaut or a medieval cavaler… I don’t know and I still have to find out). Either way, this is a rare out of the ordinary caseback. The winding crown is made in stainless steel too and marked CTZ.

The movement is gold plated, manual winding, non hacking seconds, specially adjusted one. It has 23 jewels and is marked Citizen Super Ace. It is the Citizen calibre  SACS 9240? and beats at 18,000bph.

Here it how the papers look like:


Questions to be answered:

  1. when was it made?
  2. what more info are available on the Eagle logo on the dial?
  3. what is the engraving on the back?

All things considered I have to declare this, not the best but definitely one of the best looking vintage Citizen watches. Also wearing it is a joy.

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