Vintage Citizen Chronographs

You may call them “Bull head” or “Speedy” or “Walter Wolf” or “Challenge Timer”. It doesn’t really matter, as long as we all call them “Beautiful”.

Here it is 2016 and I want to start the year sharing this picture of four of my watches. What we have here is a small collection of chronographs, all with Citizen 8110a fly back movement beating inside. vintage automatic citizen bullhead speedy 8110s

Because I already wrote a few articles about watches powered by this awesome movement, you can read more about this calibre HERE.

The watches above are: 

  1. Black coated alloy Blackie Challenge Timer, rare green dial – read more HERE & HERE 
  2. White dial SS Speedy with outer Tachymeter bezel – still working on the article
  3. The black dial SS octagon Bull Head – read about it HERE
  4. Titanium Walter Wolf, Promethium dial, count down rotating bezel – read more HERE

I wish you all the best for this year and may you find your perfect Vintage Citizen Chronograph for you to call “Your own”. 😉


7 thoughts on “Vintage Citizen Chronographs

  1. I just discovered this blog shortly a few days ago, while I was searching for a Speedy “homage”. I instantly fell in love with the Citizen 67-9313 8110a. I look forward to reading your article when you post it.


    • Thank you Brandon! I am happy you like the blog and I am sure you will love Citizen. In my opinion it it way better to have an awesome watch like the real deal in house movement, full of specs, awesome 67-9313, rather then a (wannabe) “homage”. 😉 I will post it soon I hope. I have a few other articles that I have to write prior to that one, but I will. 🙂


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