Citizen Seven Star Deluxe (& Leopard) Pocket Watches

When I found the Leopard I never thought I will see another soon. Well.. I saw another one in a bad shape and then here it came its pair, the Seven Star Deluxe. You can read about the Leopard pocket watch HERE.

citizen seven star deluze seven pocket watch

The Seven Star Deluxe shares the same case with the Leopard, made in polished Stainless Steel, with a signed crown, chain and thick mineral crystals. It has one on the back too, so it is easy to admire the automatic movement. Maybe this is the precise reason they were made in the first place, to display these awesome movements.

citizen deluxe seven star leopard pocket watch

Indeed both are beautiful and they look great side by side. The heart of the Leopard beats faster while the Seven Star is slower, as it is supposed to be. 🙂 Two brothers.

The dial is gorgeous for both variants, metallic and carefully finished. The Seven Star is more discrete, grey,  non colored, metallic and underrated stylish beauty.

citizen seven star leopard pocket watches

As you can see both are display the day and the date and have a centrally mounted sweeping second hand, red for the Leopard and steel for the other one. The hands on the Seven Star are beautiful. Made in stainless steel they look very much alike the ones on Super Ace (read about it HERE). They are beveled and are both brushed and polished on the edges; pure beauty.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking here, so… enjoy!

You can find a video of the Leopard HERE.


10 thoughts on “Citizen Seven Star Deluxe (& Leopard) Pocket Watches

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  2. Hello.

    I’ve been ‘on the hunt’ for a Citizen Leopard pocket watch since learning of it via your first blog post. I realize from the comments here as well as your sale page that you have since sold the one you had.

    I’m writing in the hopes you may point me in the direction (or forward my contact information to them) of the second Citizen Leopard you found; the one in “bad shape” mentioned at the opening of this blog post.

    I’m confident I’ll eventually find one, but would very much appreciate any assistance or references you could provide.


    • Hello Thomas! 🙂 Thank you for your comment. Indeed that is a rare watch. I will try to see if any other piece is available. The one I wrote about already got sold, a while back. What you could do, and I know a few cases that this worked out, is to leave a comment with what you are looking for on the dedicated page. (you can see my other available watches there too) Someone might see your comment and I will help him contact you. Here it is: Good luck, in the end the patience will pay off for sure. 😉


  3. Hello VCC and dear readers. These watches never come to the sale so far. Rarely, really rarely Seven Star shows up but the Leopard, never. I think the Leopard version was either a practical joke or someone decided to create his own unique watch or it was a prototype by Citizen that never went manufacturing step. Piece by piece, dial, hands, etc. you can build it up, only the casing I couldn’t figure out from which model but I can confidently say that Citizen never officially released such a watch, and believe me, for the past 6 years I’ve been searching forums, all known auctions and never even once I saw such model. Also, you can see that Seven Star has a bezel inside at the back but the Leopard doesn’t. So it is a one and only I assume and I wish you didn’t sell it because there’s no 2nd one :(. I am planning to build my own but the case is the issue. Even if I want to use the Seven Star case (IDK if it will fit or not) that also is a rare watch and I cannot waste it to build a Leopard version. I hope one day Citizen will decide to make one. I know pocket watches are not a thing these days but that is one cool watch to have.

    Have a wonderful day/night ahead all.


  4. Hello,
    I have recently picked up a Citizen Deluxe Seven Star pocket watch that I wish to sell. I am located in Australia.
    Thanks Michael


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