Citizen Leopard 36000 pocket watch 67-2192

The first pocket watch presented here, a rare (never seen another one and my searches lead me nowhere) Citizen Leopard.

This is not only extremely rare but very interesting too.

Citizen Leopard pocket watch 67-2192First of all it is a pocket watch. Citizen had a lot of pocket watches but why is this so special? Well, because it is a Leopard – the hi-beat range – 36000 bph. Also, very interesting, it is an automatic! Why is it an automatic, I don’t know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense because as a pocket watch it doesn’t get enough movement to wind up. Nevertheless, a beautiful movement that is a joy to look at.  The case seems to be mirror polished stainless steel but I see no references to the material . It is not large but rather small, the same as a wrist watch. There is also a nice chain that compliments it really nice. Both sides have a thick mineral crystal that sit high above the case. Beautiful design! As for the crown, is signed, as usual, “CTZ”.

The beautiful hi-beat parashock Citizen calibre 7230, running at 36000 bph can be admired because the watch has a see through back crystal. In fact the watch face has the same crystal shape and size as the back, so the same importance was given to displaying the movement as it was given to the dial part. This says something about this movement. It has 28 jewels, it has a sweeping central second hand that hacks, it can be winded by hand also and has a quickset date feature.

citizen leopard 7230C_0048 copy

Here is a scan of the movement from a vintage Citizen book to better understand the beautiful movement.

Citizen leopard calibre 7200 36000

One of the nicest feature of the back (apart the movement and the crystal) is actually the metallic blue ring that has printed: Automatic Citizen 67-2192 OR-D-1 (or is it OR-D-i ?) 4-721811 . Not too much information unfortunately. If someone knows more about this magnificent piece, please let me know!

The dial is simple silver, with delicate vertical brushed lines. The hour markers are applied with black  painted center. They share the same design as the hands. Only the sweeping hand is bright orange to accentuate the hi-beat movement. It has a wonderful sweeping motion, almost gliding above the dial. The Citizen logo is applied too.  The day and date are located at 3 o’clock, inside a window, both having it’s own frame.

citizen leopard 36000Conclusion: A rare elusive watch, beautiful to operate, listen to and look at. It has a wonderful design with an orange accent on the face (the second hand) and a bright metallic blue on the back (the ring).

Check out the video here:

Here is the elegant wrist watch version with the same movement:



I found its pair, the Citizen Seven Star Deluxe pocket watch, so you can see them side by side HERE.


28 thoughts on “Citizen Leopard 36000 pocket watch 67-2192

  1. I thought I was the only one out there obsessed with vintage Citizen watches! Im adicted to any Vintage skeleton watch. I just found an older skeleton dial Citizen, I of course bought it imediately! My HOLY GRAIL is the elusive Citizen Leopard 36000 BPH automatic pocket watch. Ive spent many a night searching in vain for this watch. I may have a better chance finding Bigfoot! I’ve even e-mailed Citizen Watch Co. with no luck. Ive been in every watch or pawn shop in my city. Million plus population and no luck. I hope that one day, I too will find my holy grail!


      • I have many pictures of this ghost. Im waiting on a couple replies from my Japan contacts. My email is:
        Im in San Antonio Tx.
        Please drop me a line and I’ll send you the photos I have.
        The first time I saw this watch I HAD TO HAVE IT! Now, 10 years have passed. Like I said before, I bet I’ll find Bigfoot first and I’m NOT looking for him! Ive read a lot of post here and finally decided to write. I have no friends into watches like I am. They think I’m crazy owning as many as I do. My wife is finally starting to understand my adiction. Heck, she even surprized me with a new Citizen recently. One I’ve been looking to buy.
        I will send some photos if you email me.


    • Brian, when I find the second one I will be sure to tell you. Obviously, the first one I find I will put to use immediately! I hate anything on my pulse, and I quite often forget to wind my Citizen PocketWatch 21 jewels Para Shock Phynox.


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