Citizen bullhead 67-9356 restoration & service

This was not an easy project!

The story started with receiving the watch with the main complain being the fact that the crown fell off and the quick date change was not working. I received the watch and upon examination realized that the crown was not original and it didn’t fit the case space the way it should. Also the movement needed cleaning and a lot of repair. So… the watch got to the watchmaker and got completely stripped out.

So far the next problems were found – (and the solutions):

  • incorrect, over polished case – (re-polished to original specifications, difficult to restore the shape of the case and not to erase the caseback engraving, where only minor polishing was done)
  • wrong size of the aftermarket crown – (resetting and adjusting, no original part available)
  • bad rubber seal of the case back – (changed)
  • bended start/stop pusher – (kept like this due to high risk of breakage)
  • broken lever of the start/stop mechanism – (changed with original part from donor movement)
  • dirty movement – (fully stripped, cleaned, lubricated and regulated to +3 s/d)
  • badly bended minute chrono needle tube – (high risk of breakage, kept like this, no spot on resseting)
  • aged dial – (kept like this due to its originality)

We are happy with the final result. Well… not a new watch but all the complains were solved the best they could. Like most of the times, when restoring such an old used watch, it is very difficult to find the best way to do it. You have to find the right balance, the “just enough”. Not to over do it. Don’t repaint the dial, don’t over polish the case, don’t change original parts with after market ones, don’t take useless risks and damage more and more trying to find perfection. You will never get perfection, aim for it but don’t destroy the watch looking for it.

As Buddha said: “If you tighten the string too much, it will snap, and if you leave it too slack, it won’t play. Find the middle way!” 🙂

One more white dial 67-9356 for service

The watch was not working, stuck chronograph buton, strange noises inside, badly polished case (should have been brushed).

This is what the owner told me: “My watchmaker was unable to repair it. It runs only when you leave the watch on a table but it regularly stops running when you wear it; it seems that it gets stuck. Also since my watchmaker touched it, it seems that the left button is stuck too. For me it would be great if you can have a look at it and repair it so I can wear it again. In my opinion this is one of the best looking Bullheads ever made!”

So… after the work was completed the watch is now running great, the buttons are smooth and the time, chrono, date and day are functioning as they should. Fly back,manual and auto winding. All ok. The movement is clean and the watch is ready to wear. There were a few problems with the watch: the case back was forced and pressed on the movement because there was no rubber seal and another part was missing (we were able to source the original ones), the ball bearing of the rotor was broken but we fixed it. The chono button was stuck but when servicing we un-bended the malfunctioning part so all ok 🙂 Bottom line, this is indeed one of the best looking Vintage Citizen Chronographs, for sure. The case was not polished (the owner asked for this because he likes it polished).

read more about this model HERE


10 thoughts on “Citizen bullhead 67-9356 restoration & service

  1. Hello, very nice blog and very interesting posts, I love vintage citizen, specially the 8110a, it seems to me something like the utimate time machine, In fact I´m the owner of 2 of those, one gorgeous “spyder” model and recently one bullhead, I´m a jinx with that one. I want to tell you my experience, if you don´t mind, beocuse I´m worried.

    After purchase and return 2 defect units I get that one recently, during holidays. It belonged to a watchmaker so It looks good. For a perfect ending, I get it to a local watchmaker to replace de damaged dial (it was no original), it was finally ready! But yesterdey I noticed that de 12 hours chrono hand doesn´t reset to exactly 0, and de seconds chrono hands started to do the same. It sometimes reset like 0,5 second before “12 o´clock”, but after try to reset one more time it reset like 3 seconds before 12! I´m scared and worried, I didn´t notice that problem before but the fact is I didn´t test the watch a lo before to left it to the watchmaker. Important the fact that the reset pusher works very fine with the date adjust function, but in a hard way to reset/ flyback chrono.

    It´s something broken, it only need service? can be that te watchmker damaged it? It´s not a rookie, he said it worked with 8110a before so It seems to me strange. I weared it for some days, with no strange fisical activity. Can you give me any advice? thank you a lot.


    • Thank you and congrats for your watch! This calibre tends to have some chrono problems that might be easy or not so easy to fix. My advice is to go (if possible) for a NOS or as close as possible to a mint one. Otherwise parts are nor easy to source, and the repairs might get expensive and difficult. BUT… if you have a good watchmaker, that is a good start. 😉


  2. I came across your blog years ago. Hope it’s still active. I have a 6198 dive watch that I bought new in 1978 or 1979. I had our reworked recently, but the band broke, and the watch landed have down hard onto a tile floor. The glad crystal shattered. I can’t seem to find another. Do you know if any sources for this? Many thanks, Greg Cummins


  3. Hello VCW friend,

    I have a couple 67-6356 that I wish to give them a happier life as they have given me. They have been well lived and loved. Please let me know how I can get these lovely bullhead watches to you sir, I thank you in advance!



  4. Hello, I inherited a 1970’s Bull Head watch similar to the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood watch. Watch and all functions work. Watch runs fast, gains about 20 minutes in a day. Also, one of the buttons fell off. I have it and the spring but it needs to be repaired. I took it to a local watch shop but they said parts are no longer available. Is this something you could assist with?

    Watch Co.


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