VCW & Pook – because we dream

Time does’t matter. Or does it?  

We all love vintage watches and Citizen made quite a few memorable ones. Some of the most beautiful diving watches were made in Japan. In 1959 the company produced the first Japanese water-resistant wrist watch. This was the “Citizen Parawater”. Soon after, the watch completed two trans-Pacific tests and one in the Sea of Japan. The result, needless to say, was perfect. As time passed Citizen was growing as a company and exported more and more watches and the romantic term “Para Water” was changed to the universally recognized “Water resistant” somewhere around 1970-1973. We can never forget the beautiful black dial with applied hour markers, lug holes to easily change the straps, the really clever way of integrating the acrylic crystal into the case. This was just the start of a beautiful water adventure story and each watch and its owner for sure have quite a few to tell by their well deserved battle scars from underwater adventures. One of the first real diving watches was the automatic Skin Diver. This is the watch that inspired our watch the most. Some say that it doesn’t get better than this, does it? Is it perfect? No it is not, it is just a start, just one small step, just one day. This is the way to pay our respect to the collectors worldwide, to the divers and to the adventurers out there. We gotta remember to live the moment, go for it, enjoy and take each day as it comes. One more day. Live and love. “Better starts now” as Citizen says. This watch is designed and made for the Vintage Citizen Watches community. To be built in Finland by Pookwatches. So, without further ado, let us introduce the VCW Skin Diver!

Let me tell you about the specifications and why we want them to become part of the VCW Skin Diver:

  • limited edition: only 100 pieces will be made, numbered xxx/100
  • 38,5mm stainless steel case, brushed and polished – we wanted it to be a classic style and size was important to be under 39
  • lug holes – as the first ParaWater had and we all love this feature
  • 20mm lugs width – a lot of strap options at this size
  • VCW signed buckle – Vintage Citizen Watches
  • 20mm tapering to 18mm Tropic style strap – the same thing Citizen did back in the days
  • screw in C signed crown – as Citizen did with some of their crowns
  • acrylic crystal – as the first Parawater and the first Citizen diver had
  • automatic Miyota movement – the old version, tried and tested over the years, made by Citizen
  • no date – for the looks of it and also the first ParaWater was like this
  • lumed hands – as the Citizen Skin Diver had
  • applied hour markers and gilt printed grainy dial – the gilt was our idea, the applied markers are inspired by the Skin Diver
  • Para 120M Water tested – the way the first Citizen diver was
  • count down diving bezel – as the Skin Diver had
  • light brown lume – aged look, just because it looks great
  • limited series and numbered

UPDATE: February 14th 2022 (exactly – to the day- one year later)

We have the first official pictures with the prototype, here it is one. My God, what an awesome watch!

I would like to thank Andreas Prepula, the founder and owner of Pook Watches, for making this come true for all of us. If you want to read about the dream that gave birth to Pook Watches, read about Seppo and his Vintage Citizen Diver. You will love this story and I really hope you will love our watch too.

Don’t forget, you can pre-order it here, on Pook Watches website starting today. Update: they are ready.

For the members of Vintage Citizen Watches Facekook group we will try to have some nice surprises too.

Citizen Guy – you can find my Instagram here.


4 thoughts on “VCW & Pook – because we dream

  1. I have two vintage citizen dive watch’s 2011196 in on the back pro master (whit face . I don’t need to dive with them . One ran till I opened it . The other did not. I only need one . And can trade the one that’s is not repairable or has only parts .


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