Citizen Parawater – THE Parawater

After presenting the first watch manufactured by Citizen, the beautiful pocket one (read about it HERE), it is time for another milestone in watchmaking. This time, the first Japanese waterproof watch, THE Parawater! This makes it the grand, grand father of all the Citizen divers we all love so much!  Please note that this was not intended for diving, but it was up to the task for swimming!

In 1959 the company produced the first Japanese water-resistant wrist watch. This was the “Citizen Parawater”. It was powered by the Citizen Cal. 920(2B). It was produced with  19, 21 and 23 jewels. Soon after, the Parawater completed two trans-Pacific tests and one in the Sea of Japan. The result, needless to say, was positive. As time passed Citizen was growing as a company and exported more and more watches, so (unfortunately IMHO) the term “Para Water” was changed to the universally recognized (an boring)  “Water resistant” somewhere around 1970-1973.

Back to this particular one! The line chosen to be modified so that it will become water protected was a success already, the Deluxe. Citizen changed the design of the case, added rubber seals and greatly modified the tube and crown assembly. By doing that and after a lot of research they were able to stand by their product in public demonstrations.

Citizen Parawater Deluxe

After intensive search I managed to find this particular watch, in an non working state, the bracelet and the clasp was destroyed beyond restoration and the crystal was badly scratched, but what an awesome find! I had to take the plunge! (pun intended 🙂 ) This is how I got the pictures from the seller in Greece:

Citizen Parawater

Now, after a long time deciding how invasive the restoration should be I went with a bracelet swap with a similar design from the same time frame by Citizen, a light crystal polish and I got the movement running again.  This is the end result:

Citizen Parawater Deluxe

Interesting facts: The black dial has lume dots and the hands are also with luminous material, making it very rare (the only one I saw) and very beautiful. Another detail is the fact that the entire dial in printed and there is no applied logo.

The caseback has the inscription: “All stainless steel”, “Antimagnetic”, “Parawater”, “STAR”, “Citizen Deluxe” and the serial no. By the way the watch is made in 1959, making it one of the very first pieces.

Beautiful lug holes for easy bracelet replacement.

Don’t forget to magnify the last picture for more details!

Conclusion: I am so happy to introduce to you this wonderful piece of history and I hope you like it as much as I do! The watch found a new home with Daniel in Germany and for sure it is a great home! Enjoy it Daniel!

Later edit (2015): 

I here present to you my keeper Para Water, that I found this year in Hong Kong (thanks Anthony! 🙂 ) Excellent condition, fully working 100% original, made in 1961.

parawater citizen deluxe

Here are the three dial variants, Two white ones (one with a star, the other without) and the black one.

parawater citizen

Update 2016 APR

Here it is a commercial advertising sign from the period:

the first parawater citizen

Read more about vintage Citizen divers HERE


39 thoughts on “Citizen Parawater – THE Parawater

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  3. Hello, I live in Mexico and I found two magnific pieces in very good conditions, I have not being able to find information on them, one has on the back case the following marking number 4-156463 in the front it has Citizen, 17 jewels, water resist and at the bottom of the 6 position it reads something like 250UF-03, the other done has in the back the only number marking 4-156421, I can not read the markings at the 6 position of this last one. I would really appreciate your help and advice on the manufacturing dates os these watches and if they are quite rare, I can be rwached at if pictures are needed. Regards. Luis


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  9. Good afternoon. I just came across an old Citizen (C.P.G.) Parawater (with alarm and date) watch in my late grandfather’s things. It’s a brass case, 21 jewels, from your directions, I’m guessing it dates from 1967 (serial number 70101134). The band looks like it was a cheap, leather replacement, otherwise it is in great working order.


  10. Hi Citizen Bogdan, I am going to purchase a Crystal Seven Para Water 23j which i feel is in rather good condition despite its age. Its the one with the window of the day below 12 oclock and has the day in english and kanji at the bottom. However, I would want to ask you about the crystal. The original watch was it mineral glass or acrylic? Since it states “crystal” on the watch can I assume its suppose to be mineral crystal? Do advise. Thanks Sue.


  11. I have recently purchased two divers watches and would like to clarify the date of manufacture.
    one has the following serial number 00110779 and the other is 70301024
    both are GN-4-5 52-0110 WATER RESISTANT model and are in very good condition

    any help would be appreciated


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  13. Hi. I recently acquired the same Citizen Deluxe Parawater 21J. Black dial. I am a little confused about the serial number in order to date the watch. I understand that it should have eight numbers, but my watch has 7 numbers. The first three numbers are 933. So two questions. Did some watches have seven numbers? Am I then dating my watch correctly to March 1959?


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  16. Hi Citizen guy.

    I just got my hands on a very nice 52-0110. It have a oyster looking bracelet on now but I am trying to find a original H-link bracelet. Do you have any good places I can look for that? And was there other models then the 52-0110that had that type of bracelet?

    I also got a Citizen Diver, with alarm. 35mm with cal 9812 and thing the ref nr is 4-980018Y, du you have any info on that. I can’t find anyone online

    best regards

    Mats LIen Hansen



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