Citizen Leopard 36000 – model 67-2050

When you say the word Leopard next to Citizen you know this is a special one. 

Why is is special? Read on and see. 🙂

citizen leopard

The first thing you notice when holding the watch is the beautiful mesh stainless steel bracelet that fits the case as a high end modern watch would. The case is stainless steel too and has an interesting oval shape, with integrated lugs. The bezel is polished and so is the entire case except for the frontal surface that has a radial brushed finish. The crown is simple, signed CTZ. Another detail is discovered when seeing the watch from the side: a beautiful arched shape, following the wrist of the lucky wearer.

The dial, seen through the oval mineral crystal, is grey-blue, sometimes more one or the other depending on the light, and very elegant. The hour indexes are applied and so is the day date window frame. The hour and minute hands are dark grey and the seconds hand is white. Why is it white? Because the second hand is special. It is special because on the dial except for the applied logo Citizen and Automatic at 12, at 6 it is written 36000, Leopard, 28 jewels. And this says something about the movement. 🙂

citizen leopard copy

The calibre inside is the Citizen hi-beat parashock 7230, running at 36000 bph.  It has 28 jewels and a beautiful white sweeping central second hand that hacks, it can be winded by hand also and has a quickset date feature. The day is set by advancing the hour hand pass midnight.

A beautiful elegant watch and I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found this time capsule in a NOS state, even though it is made on April 1974.

later edit: I found the watch in the next picture on yahoo japan so the pictures are not mine but belong to the seller. This is the first solid Gold superbeat 10 Leopard I see. There are also a few models in stainless steel and some gold plated Leopards too, but this is the first I see in solid gold. Needless to say it is in perfect condition. The selling price is JPY 350,000.

gold citizen leopard

Here is a scan made by me of the Citizen calibre 72xx from a vintage Citizen catalogue. I hope it helps understanding a little better the inside of these beautiful watches.

Citizen leopard calibre 7200 36000

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4 thoughts on “Citizen Leopard 36000 – model 67-2050

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  2. thank for all the info on these beautiful time pieces, to me they are special as my Dad started me up with them, by High S, Mom gave me a Chronometer Diver 200m (almost positive) orange seconds & 2 small hands, I do not remember the ATM since, it was taken from me, at gun point, I used to swim with it every day fro years even in the diver area, never fell. when it happen, Dad (RIP) may thought I make a bad decision, since I was big & fast, (but not superman) later he realized my sadness & he gave me his as a living will. I do not wanted to used much, still now after so many years, not service yet but runs OK, just got others similar to wear, great watch. do you know were I can get OE parts like back seals & the oval Kristal? and if the may sell the crown shaft seals, like to know more about calibers, I been learning as a hobby now, but no much info on it. TY Incognito.


  3. Hello . I have a citizen automatic 36000 . It was my dads . I want to restore it . I don’t know where i should address to ? I’m afraid to go to any random store with watches. I read some comments that many people gave their watches for restoration and got back more problems with their watches. Thank you.


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